beach dreams

I have always been a dreamer. in reality and subconsciously. ive always been fascinated with my own dreams, i used to keep a journal but have stopped in recent years because i always seem to dream of the same thing. not every night but mostly for the last few years ive dreamt that im either in an airport or at the beach. and even if i cant see the beach i can smell it and even if i cant smell it i can feel it. and most times, looking over vast cliffs, i can see it. it never seems to be like a normal beach dream. not me lounging on a towel in a bikini soaking the sun. its always me in a secret jungle on the beach hiding from old school poachers with elephant guns. or swimming along the rocks trying to make it to the top of this massive beach mountain because theres a hut at the top that i have to get too. one time i was looking for a secret button to open up the beach cliffs so my hot vampire lover could retire into the earth and not be scorched before dawn.

freud says that nothing is ever chance, that dreams are an extension of your subconscious. things your mind worries you couldnt deal with in reality so it reveals it in a dreamstate. dreams are repressed urges and impulses that are suppressed for whatever reason in real time but must be expressed through the dream: in symbols: in disguise. freud also believed that most dreamstate fantasies were animalistic, sexual, and primitive. his associate carl jung believed the same concepts except eventually split from freud believing that the subconcious state wasnt as primitive as much as the more spiritual side of the subconscious. according to jung, dreams are a way of acquainting yourself with or communicating with your unconscious. there are not an attempt to conceal your true animalistic feelings from the waking mind but rather serve as a window into it. i think depending on certain nights, its a little of both.

ive looked through jung and freud and a bunch of others and they all pretty much say the same thing about beach dreams. i guess the beach symbolizes the meeting between your two states of mind. the sand represents your rational brain, while the water symbolizes your irrational and emotional aspects. to dream that you are on the beach looking out toward the ocean indicates unknown and major changes that are occurring in your life. And to dream that you are looking towards the beach suggests that you are returning to what is familiar to you. the beach is a transition and the sky the ocean waters itself and the wind all signify how the transition is effecting you. so that makes sense. i get it. like transition, thats not a surprise but all my dreams are a little eerie and they've been around for a while. just once can i be laying on the beach relaxing?

I also dream about airports A LOT. I am always in one but never on a plane. The symbology of being overaware of lack of freedom, the desire to see the world, to travel, and the repression of not going anywhere i understood without checking in on freud. airports and beaches. freedom and transition. sounds exciting. but what if im just trying to relax. maybe an oil for my gallbladder, relaxing my whirling dervish of a mind should be in order before i go to sleep. maybe nighttime meditation instead of morning stretches. maybe both. im going to restart my dream journal in hopes to find other details inside my dreams that might give me some more answers, although the dream state is the least investigated and elusive of all the bodies functions. Maybe answers aren't in the cards in the first place, or there already laid out. I guess Ill get back to you tomorrow after another subconscious filled night.