an IPA and a mustard bath

well it did rain last night. but i went to the game anyway. and i just drank my way through the rain. and all day long ive been paying for it. my hangover was a doozy and it lasted most of the day. i tried lots of things to make it go away naturally, chugging water. eating tuna fish, being active but nothing was working. so on my way home i decided to get some guacamole, an IPA and go home for a an old fashion mustard detox bath. and that pretty much did the trick. i ate my guacamole, and came home to detox all that overpriced stadium beer out of my system. twisting is key. i did a couple of twisting yoga poses to start the process. twisting poses are a natural way to detox. then i chugged about four more glasses of water and made my bath. mustard baths are ancient. i read somewhere Hippocrates took them, they ended up being more popular in Britain than here, but they work just the same on either side of the pond. the ground mustard opens up the pores and draws the toxins out through the skin. it also relieves stress, muscle soreness and restlessness giving you a good nights sleep afterwards. another bath time classic, baking soda. ive been a little sensitive to bath salts as of late, so i put in some baking soda instead. it makes for the same relaxation of the nervous system and the muscles, and also leaves your skin super soft. i added some rosemary oil because it tonifies the spleen, liver and lungs and some tea tree to strengthen my Wei Qi after sitting in the rain. and now i feel much better. no Tylenol or supplements. just a little water therapy, hydration and a little hair of the dog did the trick. heres the recipe. its incredibly easy.

old school mustard detoxifying bath
this recipe makes two baths. half it for one. can also be used as a foot bath.

1/2 cup baking soda
2 tablespoons of ground mustard
3 drops tea tree oil
3 drops rosemary oil

soak it in. enjoy it next time you indulge a little much at the game!