taoist oil and lemongrass baths

for girls on the go: between all my jobs and yoga and massaging and typing, my wrists are a little sensitive these days. being a massage therapist, thats not really an option. looking for natural remedies to a little over worked muscle has been super fun. i will say that i have a trauma linament that my boyfriend claims is alive in my kitchen. my first semester at school my Chinese philosophy teacher gave us a make up for an amazing trauma linament. It consists of a bunch of raw herbs that i mixed with a bottle of sake and put in my cabinet for a year or so shaking it every now and then. this stuff is like gold to me, and im saving it for the mean stuff, like if i ever fall on my face again or ya know walk into a brick wall, but for everyday alleviations ive been using two herbal remedies that have been doing wonders on my wrists. these concoctions also can work on sore backs, shoulders, knees and what have you.

Taoist oil: i got this bottle in Chinatown at kamwo chinese pharmacy for 6 bucks! the oil is super warming and great for any kind of pain caused from over exertion that may be paired with inflammation. i use it at the end of the day when im sitting down into stillness. this stuff is really strong. two drops is enough to let you really feel it, and its not a real rubber in sort of oil.. its super strong so rubbing could cause major irritation so just letting it work its way into your skin naturally is the way to go. better than any over the counter pills can do. if your not a new yorker totally go online and find it there.

lemongrass oil: if your looking for something you can take on the go with you like to the gym or your yoga class or wherever, lemongrass oil is a lifesaver. it is a little bad for me because i do not like the smell, but it just smells like lemons, i dont get what my deal is but its great for putting on your knees after walking the cement all day or one too many downdogs. i carry it in my purse. this is easier for rubbing but it can be diluted if your skin is super sensitive. its been a lifesaver for me running around these days. you can also take a lemongrass bath if your muscle soreness decides to be all over. just drop about 10 drops in the bath with some salts and let it all go.

but seriously if you walk into a wall or off a curb i got some stuff living in my kitchen cabinet.