Yoga and the Dark Side of the Moon

Wow where have I been? Im sure that is the question youve been asking yourself all last week. Well Its been a crazy week. I FINISHED SCHOOL!!!! I had my last final Wednesday followed by a rained out Yankee game. Im pretending its like a rained out wedding and deeming it as super good luck as far as my budding career goes. I also managed to rangle together two more jobs to keep me going through the summer before I can take my New York State Licensure Exam and get legal this August. So Ive been training two jobs while still working in my little Herbal Pharmacy. Im back in a bar which was a little disheartening but Im using it as an excuse to stay positive. And Im only there 2 days a week and all the peeps are wonderful. I also landed what could be my dream job if it paid more. I finally managed to grab the elusive job of Karmi Receptionist at my yoga studio Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. I have wanted to work there for years and tonight, yes TONIGHT I start my first time without training. I am a little nervous so send good vibes at me. Im sure it will be fine. The girls there are even more amazing than the girls at my restaurant job and I didnt think that was possible. I also took every opportunity last week when I wasnt working and studying to embrace the perk of my new job and do all the free yoga I could possibly do. I went there four days in a row- which is a lot for me- culminating in an hour and forty five minutes hard as hell Rock Vinyasa class set to none other than the Dark Side of the Moon. It was amazing! I had heard about the Rock Vinyasa classes before. Everyweek, Mary Dana, one of my yoga teachers does a super long vinyasa class to a different artist. Theyve done the Stones, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder and when I heard about Floyd I could not pass it up. You havent done yoga till your doing handstands into full wheels while "Eclipse" sings up and down your spine. Before and after we listened to the best of the Pink. By the time "Wish you were here" came on after the dark side and as we were cooling down, everyone was singing along. It was sooo amazing. Try it at home. Its so fun. This week is kind of a little doozy for me too but I promise to get back on track with some more inspiration and fun. I went to a workshop about applying Essential Oils to Clinical Energetics last Friday and Ive got some new oil blends to share for the spring. Ta for now my friends!!!!