irish car bomb birthday cupcakes

i had to make them. something inside of me needed to know how good they would taste. im standing in the store yesterday on the 28th anniversary of my lovers birth staring at a small. somewhat crusty looking carrot cake. it was raining, like it has been all week and im wearing a my large lumpy sweater over my sundress. i bought my lumpy sweater in seventh grade at a consignment shop for seven dollars, and i will wear it till death. so i know that if i bought the crusty carrot cake and brought it home and gave to the man for his birthday he would be just as delighted as if i bought and handmade him a dozen or so organic irish carbomb cupcakes. but what would be the fun in stale carrot cake. the day was grim,, the trains were down and i had an afternoon of ganache to make. the concept of the cupcakes sound overwhelming but the preperation is so perfectionally simple. when looking up that word in the dictionary i discover this for your amusement. " Virtually never used adverbial inflection of the rarely used adjective perfectional."

the ganache of the cupcake is infused with jameson. simply melt a cup of chocolate chips in a slightly boiled cream and stir until melted. afterwards add 4tbsps of the whiskey. of course i added five. the recipe then calls for an hour to set at room temperature or 30 minutes in the fridge. i wasnt thinking about that as a stood in the kitchen, eyes closed, licking the ganache slowly off the spoon. this was my fist ganache and obviously i was entranced by it. five minutes later only did i realize this wasnt an acceptable lunch, set it aside, set out the eggs, butter and cream cheese to soften and ran to my yoga class. i could still taste the ganache on my lips as i borded the train to the city. i was excited about returning home.

after yoga and the grocery to acquire a guinness, i returned home to continue my cupcake adventure. the cupcake part was simple too. one package of dark chocolate cake, 3 eggs, half cup of veggie oil and a guinness. stir slightly and fill cupcake fillers up half way. place in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 and then let cool. the guinness and the dark chocolate make the chocolate so bitter, its amazing, but they stay light some how. while they cooked i couldnt help but make the frosting. stick of butter, pack of cream cheese. mixed together with the beater and 3 cups of confectioners sugar added slowly. once done i reached for the airplane bottle of baileys in my apron. and yes i have an apron. at first i didnt think one bottle would be enough but the bailey flavor is a strong one and it was just the right amount. so frostings done. ganache is in the fridge, first batch of cupcakes are cooling and the second is in the oven. im taking the second batch out when rj arrives home. he says put your shoes on baby, were going out! Brilliant idea i say and we flee off into the city.

later that evening returning home from dinner i attempt excitedly to frankenstein my creation cupcakes together. and i have one hour left until rjs birthday is but a fleeting full moon. with a few glasses of champagne in me i slowly start to inspect my chocolates but somethings off. im guessing my ganache is too cool and has turned into a pudding of sort while i was away. my first instinct is to put a spoon in it and eat it. the recipe calls for taking a paring knife, coring the cupcake itself and drizzling the ganache inside. this isnt happening. so then i run to my frosting, is it also too cold? i put them on the counter next to the cooled cupcakes and pour myself another glass of champagne so i can think. i cant turn back now i mutter. inspiration hits. i make a double boiler and slowly start to melt the ganache back to the smooth shiny lunch i knew. i start coring the cucpcakes and dropping the gooeyness in the center and then plop the tops back on. i then start to think about how this is probably the most patience i have ever had in my cooking experience. i have never put this much effort or thought into anything ive tried to do, quite the opposite. most times im throwing things together so i can cook it and eat it as fast as possible and today seems to be different.

five minutes later, im restless. so much for patience. i laugh at myself. this paring into every cupcake is boring to me and i dont even know how successful itll be, i take the rest of my cupcakes and dip the tops in the ganache like im dipping their hair in the ocean on a hot day. they look happy. so know im super excited, starting to add the frosting with a spoon. but the ganache is still warm and the frosting starts to melt. they start to ooze together and mix with the crumbs from the cupcakes. and all the sudden it looks like a dirty apaloosa horse. i stare into them, knowing i should wait a little longer to frost them. i take the car bomb apaloosa and put a candle on it. singing happy birthday mr president to the man. he looks down at it lovingly, asks for a fork becuase he is unknowingly unaware of how to eat it and we sit. its midnight.

afterwards i frost some. some i leave to its ganache. i put the rest of the frosting in the fridge, wondering what ill do tomorrow. but some that i put together and let sit i knew would be the most perfect this morning, after all the chocolate had cooled and you could eat it with your hand without the gooiness running all over your fingers. so this morning i ate one first thing in bed with my book and a cup of tea. and i was like screw you carrot cake. and they were amazing.
ps. i have lots. if i know you. you should experience one. ill deliver. cause you deserve it. we all do.