my phone left me

it broke up with me, it divorced me, it did everything but throw itself down a flight of stairs at me. and this is why ive given up cheese yet again. it makes sense. it does, in chinese medicine, and the world for that matter, everything is connected. in TCM specifically, there are five elements. they work together in the world and in our bodies, and they cant survive without each other. each element is part of cycle of creation and nurtures its child like a living mother would. if one element is taxed due to an imbalance in your body, the element it controls or creates can also be affected.

water nourishes wood by moistening it
wood nourishes fire by making it stronger
fire nourishes the earth by bringing everything back to the soil
earth nourishes metal by forming minerals that heal
metal nourishes water by permeating it

there is a lot to say about the five elements and i think its best to try and stay specific. metal energy within the day to day are quite obvious. the energy surrounding metal things are fueled by your metal energy. things like your money and credit cards, your keys and subway cards getting you from place to place, your computer letting you communicate superficially and yes, most definitely your phone.

most people are categorized into one or two elements. the people who relate to each element usually show signs of imbalance in that element. im an earther. and when i feel unbalanced, symptoms associated with the earth element within the body show up first. signs of imbalances in the earth element reveal themselves emotionally and through the body. heres a best of list. if you tend to feel like this on a regular basis. you might have an earth imbalance. only your acupuncturist knows for sure, but putting any extra awareness into your self and your body is never a bad thing.

when a person who gravitates towards earth is happy and balanced they are:

when are imbalanced they can become:

physically when an earth person is healthy they usually have:
soft skin
toned and strong physique
regular bowel movements

when imbalanced, the earth type can see:
excess phlegm
skin sores/eczema or psoriasis
excess appetites, water retention and digestive disorders

when i eat too much sugar or cheese i notice my psoriasis acting up first. when you put something into your body the first place it goes, even before the stomach, is the spleen. that is the organ associated with earth energy inside the body. cheese, sugar, booze, all that good stuff taxes your spleen. its trying to sort everything out and figure out where to put it. is it energy? do i send it up into the body? is it cheetos? do i send that down into the intestines to get rid of it?
so should i give it to the stomach and let it decide? where is all this crap coming from and why is it picking on me? your spleen is worried about what your putting in your body and that worry translates to regular worry. so your worrying and you dont even realize that its coming from your spleen, you just cant stop thinking and you cant focus on one thought at a time and your scattered. and thats imbalanced earth energy. thats me to a t. im all over the place all the time. and only sometimes to i relate it to what i just ate.

so when your spleen is weakened it cant process all the bad stuff as well. and it starts to come out in other places, like your skin breaking out or that cellulite on your butt. its cause the spleen isnt strong enough.

so i started noticing my scalp being itchy and my skin breaking out being a little scattered and, and feeling a little bloated, and most importantly, i was sooo tired. when your spleen isnt converting energy properly, you get super tired. so i felt that , but i wasnt really listening to my body. its like yo, lets take it easy, but i was like nah, lets keep trucking.

so the moral of the story is, if my earth energy is having problems nourishing itself, how is gonna be a cute little earth mama to my metal aspect? i shouldve listened to myself and my phone on thusday night late coming from work when it said, this isnt working out. youre not giving me what i need. and then i left it on the subway. but i got it back, someone found it, rj got it back for me. until saturday going out after working twelve hours and leaving it in a cab. my phone said. this is a two way street, your asking to much of me without love in return. but i got it back, cab driver brought it back to me. then i got called into work that one more shift on sunday. i was exhausted and as soon as my shift was over i grabbed all my stuff and went into the bathroom to try and freshen up, and my phone said. your not listening to me/yourself and jumped into the john. ophelia style.

and thats when i said i had to give up cheese again. my spleen hates it. throwing it off to my stomach it burns trying to break it down making my stomach hurt and my gums sore. i have to have some more self restraint and my phone knew it. instead im on a mission for eating food thats good for my spleen, cause the cheese aint no good. all dairy is pretty bad for earthers. the unkempt spleen qi lets the dairy run wild, causing excess dampness in the body that causes congestion, phlegm and skin that is more mushy, less defined, to make it up to your spleen instead of flowers this weekend find it anything orange.

sweet potatoes ginger nutmeg garlic onions chicken dates pumpkin corn fennel cinnamon chick peas carrots or basically anything without the sugar or the cheese in it. no cheesecake for you.
and just as important. i said no a few times about a few things cause i need to give my body that extra rest. it needed it. so take it easy. eat a carrot.

dont wait until your ipod divorces you.