new earth blend

ive been trying to put together a new oil blend for spring that i can wear that will nourish my earth element. its been a little difficult but i finally think ive found a new balance. ive put bergamot and grapefruit into it and these citrusy oils need a strong base note to ground them. ive put a large amount of patchouli that keeps the blend light but gives it a good foundation. i added a small amount of sandalwood too for its cooling properties while the weather heats up a bit.

grapefruit oil is yellowish to green oil and in the subtle color of aromatherapy would live in between the third and fourth chakras. its an antidepressant, antiseptic and diuretic. it stimulates the lymphatic system and is indicated for cellulite, obesity and water retention. it has an uplifting and reviving effect which makes it valuable for treating stress, depression and nervous exhaustion. its cooling, cleansing and decongesting ans is beneficial also for an overheated liver and sluggish digestion. these symptoms can include abdominal distension, irritability, nausea and constipation. grapefruit oil is wonderful for people who are tense and who under pressure tend to resort to comfort eating as a means of dealing with difficult situations. It stimulates self esteem and self worth.

bergamot oil is amazing. its green so its associated with the heart chakra but, it also does wonders for digestion. bergamot is very important for treating anxiety and particularly indegestion that originates from emotional stress. its fruity and lively and works well with the grapefruit. and also like lavender, it can be uplifting while sedating at the same time. bergamot is recommended for people who are tense, anxious or depressed. these are symptoms that can arise from compromised spleen qi. bergamot is cooling, nourishing and calming. its energetic qualities enhance free flowing of qi. depression due to stagnant qi is the result of accumulates stress or repressed emotions, especially anger. bergamot oil encourages us to relax and let go.

patchouli oil. its not just for hippies anymore. it has a wonderful psychological power for those who, due to excessive mental activity and nervous strain feel out of touch with their bodies. its good for folks that have qi deficiency in the spleen and feel extra fatigue and digestive stress. patchouli is grounding, centering, and makes it a strong base note. it brings people back into the moment when they get caught up in negative detachment. i consider myself a to be always trying to become more grounded so that my body can further connect with my body.

i just added the slightest bit of sandalwood to stand up to the two citrus oils and encourage the body to cool down. i would put equal parts of the grapefruit and bergamot with a little more patchouli and just a drop or two of sandalwood. there are many ways to use this oil blend but i usually put it on my scarf before i leave the house and concentrate on breathing in the morning with a little help from my blend. oh im gonna try with a little help from my blend, oh ill get by with a little help from my blend. oh wow, that turned into beatles real quick. enjoy your earth blends folks.