oils and teas for your moon cycle

i love working in my herbal pharmacy. even though all the herbs are granules and basically look like dust, i still check the color and smell them all to test the difference. doing research on commonly used herbs is fun for me. one of the most used herbs for lady troubles is the Chinese Angelica root called the Dang Gui. Its usually mixed with other herbs to increase its potency but its main action is a blood tonifier. When its that time of the month, how do you feel? Are you achy and bloated or do your cramps feel like someone is stabbing you? If your like me, its feels like both and more some. The blood is weak and/or stagnated causing troubles when it needs to move. These cramps can stop you in your tracks and I, am constantly looking for a solution to this monthly dilemma without automatically reaching for the tylenol. My acupuncturist prescribes me an herbal formula that contains the Angelica Root and I double up when Im flowing but for some peeps looking for an alternate solution Ive come up with some ideas for the girl who doesnt have time to stop for her period.

I love Yogi Tea. I usually make my herbs into a tea mixed with the Detox or the Ginger and drink them first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed. I recently discovered that Dang Qui, or some call it Dong Quai is in a Yogi Tea called the Moon Cycle. As a blood tonifier, Dang Gui works with your Liver and Spleen to counteract problems surrounding menstruation. It also nourishes the heart which can help with the dwindling good mood surrounding your cycle, but most importantly it keeps the blood moving, reduces bloating. and pain. The tea also has juniper berries in it which are good for detoxing. It also has a good dose of chamomile, which calms and relaxes. Ive heard nothing but amazing results from people that have tried the tea and mixed with some other natural remedies should ease the pain of menstrual cramps.

I suggest drinking at least two cups of tea, but if that isnt doing the trick, I found an oil blend made especially for pelvic congestion. Blood clots can start in your feet and make their way up your legs to the pelvis and cause not only painful menstruation but uterine clots. Women who stand on their feet a lot, or walk around the concrete jungle are more susceptible to congestion and the cramps that come with. I found a blend of cyprus, cedar atlaswood and rosemary that also nourish your blood. The rosemary is well known for being the strongest mover of Liver Qi Stagnation which is a top contender for lady problems and stress. I wasnt as familiar with the Atlas Cedarwood and turns out its pretty amazing. The Egyptians and Lebanese used it to build with and the oils were used in rituals and perfumes. Its fortifying and is considered a powerful Qi tonic. It tonifies the kidneys, spleen and has strong decongesting properties especially when clearing damp from the pelvic region. Its also said that cedarwood oil can give us immovable strength in times of crises. Steadying the conscious mind, it will help us to resist the sudden events and powerful emotions that threaten to undermine our confidence and morale. Cypress, is similar in terms to cultivating strength during transitional times and also moves the blood and Qi. Like, lavender, it has a wide ranging anti-spasmodic effect and is beneficial for PMS.

Take all or any of these oils, dilute them and rub your belly to ease pain. My acupuncturist even suggested putting a few drops in a foot bath to start decongesting from the feet all the way up through the legs to the pelvis. I think thats brilliant. Also staying away from dairy, pasta and other heavy foods that could lend to congestion should be avoided during your period.

And with all this talk, I must say that in Chinese Medicine the idea of blood is a little bit more ethereal than its Western partner. Blood is a fundamental quality of human life and it is the counterpart of Qi(or Prana as the Hindus call it) Ted Kaptchuk says,

Qi activates, Blood relaxes. Qi quickens, Blood softens. Qi embodies effort,
Blood is effortless.Qi is becoming, Blood is being. Qi is visionary, Blood is memory
Qi is Yang, Blood is Yin.

So while Qi is more of the mover, Blood holds and nourishes. Though generally distinct from each, they have a mutually dependent and indissoluble relationship. A major activity of the Blood is to circulate continuously through the body, nourishing, maintaining and somewhat moistening its various parts. If disharmony starts, from too much heat, too much stress, not enough rest, too cold, Qi becomes Stagnant, Dampness occurs, your Blood is compromised. Theres your cramps right there. So its not just the actual act of the blood, but also the relationship with Qi, your organs and your mind-body connection.

Yoga poses can also be very beneficial when your on your moon. I always feel relief from lying on my back, bringing my knees to my chest and rolling around on the low back, opening up my hips. Pidgeon pose is another wonderful hip opener. Childs pose is relaxing and opens up the low back. Just breathing and being aware of your breath deepening and calming down can ease the cramps. If your ambitious, you could also try bow pose to open up the stomach and release tension. Just be sure to avoid twisting poses or inversions when your flowing. This can aggravate an already bitched out period. I did all of these things for my last cycle because mine are always a doozy. The connection I was making to my breathe and my body is more of a long term solution to my pains. Hope these suggestions can help next time of the month ladies.