catching a cold

There is a cute little old guy that mans the door in Chelsea at my yoga studio and Id passed him by over and over before actually getting a job here and getting introduced to him. His name is Rudy "like the reindeer" he says and I can kind of understand why. hes of Indian descent, little glasses, red nose and one eye. hes always muttering or singing to himself and Im kind of fascinated with him. Now that he sees me more and more sometimes he'll stop and we'll chat. Last week I was really battling with a cold and when I walked in the building he noticed and asked how I was feeling. I said Im trying not to catch this cold and he looked at me frankly and said. " Well then dont, dont even say it. Your just manifesting its power." Okay I said back a little perplexed. He continued, "A cold is like anything else. If someone throws you a ball and you dont want it, what do you do? You throw it back. Colds the same way. If you catch a cold, throw it back and see what happens." Thats awesome, and I promised to try it. Well the next morning I went to see my acupuncturist and she gave me a wonderful boost. Lots of Moxa on my lung points which I reinforced with some tea tree oil when I left. Then I trotted on down to the studio to have a class. He smiled when he saw me, looking much better I see, and I said yup threw that cold out!! He was very happy.