homemade wood cleaner

my if i had a dining room table is nasty. i looked at it yesterday morning and wondered how it got so dirty. then i remembered repotting all my plants on it last weekend and then leaving to let the dirt settle into everything. this thing has gotta get clean i muttered. but i wasnt keen on leaving my house, didnt have a lot of money and still hadnt gotten around to buying that wood cleaner ive been saying i should get. my friend robert cleans his wood with lemons and damnit i didnt even have any of those. so i started investigating my books and went online and came up with a wonderful homemade wood cleaner. one that i just happened to have all the ingredients too. it was really simple and looking back on it i wish i would have taken an after picture of my table instead of a before. cause it really worked. simply enough take three parts olive oil to one part white vinegar and add 2 drops each of tea tree and rosemary to up the antibacterial qualities. i made about 6 tbsp of oil to 2 tbsp of vinegar and managed to not just clean my nasy ol table but practically all the wood in my house. it was a lovely lazy sunday project and didnt cost me nothing.