pepper quinoa salad

ive been making this recipe in the form of stuffed peppers for a while now, i started to make them yesterday when the man said he doesnt like them. he said, he liked the flavors and all but the actual pepper eating was too complicated. like he just wanted to eat the filling and leave the pepper as a vessel of sorts. so i decided to strip the peppers up and make it a little quinoa pepper salad. tastes delicious. i also added a simple arugula and pepper salad to go along with the summery greek theme. the thing i like about this recipe is you can pick and choose the parts you like and just make it your own. i used ground turkey, but if you want to make it vegetarian, you can substitute chickpeas. that sounds lovely. anyway. here to yummy pepper salad.


three peppers
fresh basil
fresh thyme
3/4 lb of ground turkey
salt and pepper
cup of quinoa
three scallions
goat feta cheese
olive oil
red wine vinegar
dried oregano
chicken stock

i started out by putting a cup of quinoa in 2 cups of chicken stock. wait for it to boil then cover and simmer until all the stock is gone and fluff up. about fifteen minutes. while the quinoa cooks, brown your meat over medium high heat with some olive oil salt pepper, and about five sprigs of fresh thyme. i try and get all the damn sticks out but some always make it in. while the quinoa cooks and the meat browns, prep up your veggies. cut three peppers. i got an orange red and yellow one. cut them up into little strips, next your scallions. the scallions were really the inspiration for this feast. i got some at the farmers market and they were huge. twice the size of my asparagus. in my opinions, the scallions are the only things this recipe cant do without. also cut up three cloves of garlic. after the meat browns, move it to a bowl and drain all the grease out of the pan. use a little more olive oil and add two of your peppers and your scallions. as a side note. i had been marinating some sun dried tomatoes in some olive oil and i used that particular combo to add a little more flavor to the dish. it turned out amazing, just an idea. so let the peppers and scallions soften, adding the garlic two minutes till the end. while the veggies soften, make your simple salad dressing. i just added equal parts of olive oil and red wine vinegar with the juice of a lemon, some salt and pepper and about a teaspoon of dried oregano. pour that over a couple handfuls of arugula with the last pepper, red onion would also be good, and your salad is done.

the only thing left really is to roughly chop a handful of basil and some goat feta cheese. about 4-5 ounces. once the quinoa is done, move it to a large bowl. add the meat on top and then the cheese. lastly add the vegetables and the fresh basil and stir it all together.

the cheese melts as you stir and it becomes one big salad. its good for you, amazing and keeps really well in the fridge. i like to place the arugula salad and the pepper salad on the plate next to each other as friends and then eventually they start to become one. pretty tasty, and the man approved.