peppermint hair mask

i always have olive oil and eggs, no wait, im getting ahead of myself. so this morning i got my biked tuned up and rode to the post office to pick up some bottles. riding my bike was so much nicer than walking because it has been so humid and the wind in my face was a wonderful relief. My hair is getting killed in this weather. so when i get there, theres this really old scary looking black guy wandering around fully dressed with sandals and curlers on. and he had this creepy looking shower cap over the the curlers and he was pissed and waiting for stamps or what have you, i really have no idea, the point is was that i was immensely amused and afraid at him and he kind of made my morning brooklyn post office experience. little did i know....

so when i got back from the post office i gave a massage and then hurried off to yoga, it wasnt until i passed by my reflection in the window of a store on lower 5th avenue did i notice how insane my hair looked. even though my hair was pulled back into a pony tail, the shorter pieces in the front had all popped out and were going in all different directions. it kind of looked like someone had made a teeny tiny hair crown on my head, and then broken the crown and then teased out the broken crown. i just laughed at it and being late for my class, kept walking.

after i sweat all over my hair in yoga it it and started to evolve into a claw of some sort that was trying to grab onto my head so it wouldnt fall off, but it also looked a little defeated and confused like if it could talk it would be asking me a question. so i decided to go home and attempt to do something about it before the holiday at least.

my hair stylist darlene: (

is amazing. i get really freaked out about people touching my hair, ive been going to her for years and she has a great studio in the village, is the best at cutting curly hair and she suggests putting lavender water in your hair to keep it soft and smooth so ive had a bottle in my purse for touch ups. its incredibly easy to make and is great for your hair and your mind. its calming and nourishing. steep some lavender flowers in water for 30 minutes and strain. but today, i needed another boost out my hair mayhem so i went home and decided to make a hairmask from whatever was laying around.

and i always have olive oil and eggs laying around. so i decided to make an olive oil and egg mask for the head. and once i got home i could tell how busy ive been lately. there was absolutely no food. mustard ginger ale and peanutbutter. no eggs. no olive oil. so i said shit, what am i going to do now, and then i saw it, behind the mustard. like the smallest amount of mayonnaise ever.
and all i could think about was this old julia roberts movie and she has mayo in her hair and me thinking oh julia roberts i cant stand you with your smile and your talent and your mayo hair and i never tried it.

but today i was a little desperate. there was about 2-3 tablespoons left and i loped em in a bowl and grabbed some almond oil id been using for massage. i added about 3 tbsp of the almond oil and mixed. then i secretly started to wish i had coconut oil, cause on top of the humidity my scalps been hot. so i decided to add a little peppermint oil. for one, its really cooling, two it relieves tension in the head and neck, and three, i wouldnt smell like mayonnaise for thirty minutes. 5 drops did it just mixed in.

so then i go to put it on, and please dont be like me and try and be neat and put it on with a spoon. i got mayo mask in the wall, my nose and my bath mat. afterwards i just put my fingers in and did it. three tbsp was good for me, but depending on how long your hair is, you can eyeball it. so then i need a little, omg, shower cap, to set it for half hour before i shower. and i have this old shower cap that i dont mind throwing away thats been in my closet for ever and i take it out of the package, and its the same shower cap that that guy was wearing in the post office. its ridiculous. and i kind of look like a weird nurse, but my hair is gonna rock it this weekend. im off to the shower. wish me luck.