my lovely friend christina brought me some rosewater from her mothers garden the other day. she said she was amazed how easy it was to make your own out of rose petals. i do the same for my lavender water. you basically make a rose tea, then let it sit for a few hours or over night. afterwards you remove the petals and their ya go.

No other flower has been exalted in literature , mythology and used for so many sacred purposes as the rose. in ancient art and literature the rose was the predominant flower symbol. Its blossom symbolizes beauty, love, youth, perfection and immortality. It was prized in Babylon, Assyria, China, Rome and Greece. These cultures were aware of the healing properties of rose. An ointment of roses was used to soothe headaches, a syrup to 'comfort the heart' and rose leaves mixed with mint were applied externally as a poultice to 'quiet the over heated spirits' Rose oil has the most diverse therapeutic properties of all essential oils. Most aromatherapists agree that rose oil is effective in all levels of life, for the soul, spirit and body.

Rose is referred to as a gentle but potent antidepressant. Its used as a sedative for nerves, irritability and insomnia. It helps to release anger, despair and frustration by opening the heart.

Rose is perfect for the summer because its classified as cool and moist. Its recommended for clearing heat and inflammation and Ive been spraying it all over my sunkissed skin. Classified as an herb of love it is an important heart tonic. The compassion of rose is revealed in its ability to heal emotional wounds. When rejection or loss has injured ones capacity for self love and nurturing, rose oil brings a sweet gently comfort, restoring the trust that makes love possible again. The heart chakra is strengthened with rose , whether it be self love, loving another or loving the universe. It also is associated with the sacral chakra, which is the center for creativity and sex.

Loving this water for all its versatile healing properties. And all you need is a teakettle and a dozen roses to bring your love of your skin, your friends, your man, yourself, and the world back from the dead of summer.