tea tree and thai massage

I woke up super cranky, and hot, and congested this morning. The summer and me, well we love each other, were just not in love with each other. The past few nights I havent slept the best. Im sure its had to do with the excess of the long weekend and the heat. We do have an airconditioner in our apartment but its in the living room, leaving us to fans when we sleep. Against my better judgement I have to blast the fan directly at me. I know that this, causes excess internal wind and can give you a crappy summer cold, but I just have to. Ive noticed for a few days, probably due to the fanage and the wedding parties and the traveling and the cheese that I have a little dry cough, and some phlegm in my lungs. When I get a minute, which isnt often Ill dilute some tea tree oil in some water and burn it while I relax. But this morning, I woke up very late and instead put a few drops along my collarbone as I ran out of the house.

The appointment I was running late for was for a free Thai Massage at my school. The students need bodies to practice on during their finals and I am always happy to oblige. The problem seems to be that I am not usually around during their times and Ive been needing a Thai Massage, ANY massage for months. When I was in school I took advantage of the weekly massages I got as part of the practice. Even if it was just 10 minutes here or 20 minutes there, I think the touch and release on a regular basis helped the tension in my body and in my mind.

So here I am smearing tea tree on my chest and running out the door all stressed. When I got to school I barely made it before the students began. They had assumed I wouldnt make it and a reluctant teaching assistant gave up her spot to let me join. Thankyou very much. I changed into my yoga clothes, lay down on the floor and remembered the tea tree oil. And all I had to do then was breathe. Tea tree oil is great for squashing impending colds and flus, shooing off bacteria and fungus and expelling phlegm. Its my go to oil when Im starting to feel under the weather and it always helps me get back on my feet.

Thai Massage is and Thai Medicine in general originated taking different aspects from the Chinese and Indian Ancient cultures. The doctors of this culture believe in "nadis" which is similar in theory to prana or Qi and it runs through 72000 lines of energy or "sen lines" that run inside your body. As these energy lines get blocked, injury, illness and depression can form. The practitioner runs their fingers along major sen lines in the body opening up energy and freeing up tension that has built up through daily life.

Luckily, Nadine, my first student just happened to be the best Thai massage Ive ever gotten. She was firm but specific, she really used her body weight to open up the energy. While laying on the floor, the student stretches you out into yoga like poses and asks you to focus on your breath. With the tea tree in full force and my hips and back being stretched I was in heaven. The best ting I noticed about Nadine was, her focus. She had intention and I could feel it. Her mind was on what she was doing and on me and even though sometimes practitioners can hide there mind wandering, it really is easy to feel out someones energy when your in a situation such as this. The massage was relaxing, painful, and eye opening. I havent had a massage since March or April and although i have been doing yoga and trying to take care of myself, the amount of built up energy in my legs and hips was incredible. I cant believe me, as an aspiring therapist myself forgets how important it is to get bodywork done regularly. I cant imagine people who dont believe in it, that don't understand how powerful touch therapy really is and I was an example of badness myself.

Afterwards I felt my muscles, my phlegm, and my agitated tiredness just melt into the floor. This afternoon I feel much more relaxed, I think I will sleep better tonight. I have no cough, and Ive already forgiven myself for neglecting my nadis.