cleaning out my damp

i think im pretty damp in nature. im naturally an earthy sort of person and they are prone to it. the nature of dampness is to sink and accumulate, like a stagnant swamp. its an abnormal buildup of fluids or excess secretions in the body. it can cause stagnation and obstruction of circulation. late summer is dominated by humidity and dampness and i can freaking feel it. i am naturally a hot person and its a little overwhelming sometimes. last few days wind has been lovely against the sluggish dull damp air thats been sitting over brooklyn. in the body dampness shows us as oily skin, sticky sweat and swelling around the joints while internally phlegm accumulates along with edema and water retention. Your body feels heavy, lethargy sets in, your body has an achy pain to it even. Dairy, starchy foods, gluten and even some fruit such as bananas promote dampness and should be avoided around this time of year. and damp rarely appears alone. The heat mixed with damp thats caused mostly by booze and sugar can even lead to skin eruptions such as herpes, blisters or shingles. I get real itchy round this time of year and I always have a psoriasis breakout when the summer hits. but im trying really hard to stay positive, lying naked spread eagle in my bed at night. im embracing my big frizzy hair, its not a bad look, and ive stopped throwing my cat when she wants a snuggle. Not only am I trying to resist dampness in my body, I thought Id try and throw some out of my life.

My man said I have too much crap. Too many things sitting around, too many suitcases of clothes I dont wear and when he told me I got defensive, like he was asking me to throw out a part of myself. But he was right, I consulted my acupuncturist and she agreed with him. She told me to clean out the damp. So, I threw out my old clunker mary janes. And my old flower dress that I had stapled together. I even threw out the black cardigan that I literally LIVED IN during my college years. I thought I would burst into flames. Life without my ratty old jacket. Putting my porcelain cow figurines in a (gasp) box instead of displaying them like i have all the space in the world. And cleaning the clutter out actually made me feel so much better. And surprisingly lighter. Maybe the physical manifestation emotionally healed me a little bit. Clean out your damp today.