my pops slow roasted tomatoes

wow. i feel like i havent blogged in forever. ive actually tried a few times but life has been a little overwhelming lately. i graduated. go me. it was weird because i actually finished all my classes in april so walking and doing the whole cap and gown thing was a little out of nowhere. and my parents came, and we threw a big ol party and lots of people who mean a lot to me came over. it was amazing. my friend erin is currently righting a blog about being grateful. and i was overwhelmed by everything and so grateful for everything i felt like i was going to burst. when everybody left, my house was filled with wine and flowers and sixty five umbrellas that people had walked out drunkenly into the rain without. And my lovely parents among tons of BBQ, cookies and meatballs brought some fresh jalapenos and tomatoes from their garden. The jalapenos went into some yummy corn salad but the tomatoes i wasnt sure on. Im not really a tomato eater. Well thats not true, I am but in a picky finicky sort of way. Me picky? no!!!! I like tomato sauce. Sundried tomatoes in pesto are tasty. But pick em up pour salt on em and eat em. No thankyou. And if they were regular tomatoes I would have tossed them but considering these were tomatoes brought across how many states from my parents garden. No way, these tomatoes were making it into my belly. Luckily the same day I decided this, I found a recipe for slow roasting them.

So when I got home yesterday, I took the tomatoes out of the fridge, put them into a pan, the recipe actually called for something that could roast them from all sides but alas, i live in brooklyn and don't have such things. so i put them in a glass pan, drizzled them with olive oil, pepper and sea salt and threw them in the oven at 300 degrees for an hour and a half. i figured anything that's slow cooked i can eat. then i waited.

and when they were done i took them out of the oven. they looked good. juicy and blasted. but i still had no idea how to eat them. the recipe said they could be made up to four hours in advance and stand at room temperature until used. but what used? how do i serve them? i decided to go ahead and start slow caramelizing some onions on the stove. sliced two yellow onions nice and thin, sprinkled some salt and slowly started to grill them on the stove. and then i stared back at the tomatoes. stop taunting me tomatoes just tell me what i should do with you. then i made a salad. arugula goat cheese. easy red wine olive oil lemon juice vinaigrette. ok five minutes later, still on idea about the tomatoes. but i had to try something. i cut up a couple cloves of garlic and added them to the onions and cut up some fresh basil from my plant on the windowsill. okay, courage now. the tomatoes were cooled and i attempted to decide what i should do.

i sliced the top off of one and it slid into a gooey mess in the pan. i couldn't tell what was tomato and what was water and what was olive oil so i let it alone. the second tomato i tried to peel the skin off of instead but it ended up being quite hard and destroyed that tomato as well. by the time i had reached the fourth tomato i had at least moved them into another pan so i could tell what was tomato or not but they were freaking me out. whats up tomato. what part of you should i eat and what part should i abstain from. by the time i had finished picking out the parts i disapproved off and picking in the parts i liked, i had a small fist full size of tomato mush. alright i said. well thats something. this had take, i shit you not like a half hour and the onions were almost done. i added the onion garlic mix to the tomatoes and topped with some fresh basil and a little more salt. dude. it was sooooo good. i dont what it was but it was delicious. so like a ninja, a pan fried some chicken in some almond meal with olive oil and lemon, and when it was done i spooned the tomato mix over the chicken like a tapenade and put it on the plate with my little salad. . it was amazing, and the fact that it was a tomato made with love from my folks own garden made it taste that much better.