the doyo

in the five element theory, there are five seasons whose nature is related to the five elements. late summer is correlated with the element earth. its an important element even though its a short season. i usually think of late summer or indian summer as a song jim morrison sings or the last hurrah before the thirty degree weather hits. but the earth energy in the air represents a little more than that. besides carrying the energy of late summer, this energy is represented in the "doyo." In Chinese this means transition, and can also represent times of things coming together. Earth energy is represented in both solstices and equinoxes and also as the yin and the yang happening at the same time. This can be seen during hot days and cold nights or, excessive or regressive patterns in nature. These recent floods, earthquakes and hurricanes are a prime example of some doyo. During these periods its especially important to stay centered or grounded as to not let yourself become part of the chaos. If things are in motion inwardly and outwardly, there is nothing to hold onto.

I have a very special relationship with my Earth energy. I always am kind of relieved when fall comes. Its my favorite season and a welcome change to the humidity in the summer. My intense dislike for humidity is a clue to my earth energy being a little unbalanced. Compassion and sympathy are emotions in your Earth. If you are very sensitive to these feelings or you feel disconnected from them you might also have an Earth imbalance. This seems a little silly but I see that in myself with the countless causes I subscribe too and the inability for me to realize that the animals in movies are seriously not being injured. Without getting to much into the representations of earth energy( another blog perhaps? i love talking about it) I just wanted to inform that the Earth energy gives us the power of manifestation.

From the action of fire(summer) comes the product of Earth. The materialization of money through labor of mind or body, the writing of words to create a book, or the drawing or photography of an artist to produce visual images, are all examples of the process. What these products say to others, or how we use them as aspects of communication, which is represented by the next element, Metal( fall.)

This Earth energy gives us the ability to form thoughts, views and opinions. An imbalance may show itself mentally ass a tendency towards obsession, going over and over certain ideas or problems, which can even be obstinacy or stubbornness towards accepting new ideas, viewpoints or life changes.

That is why its super important during the doyos of life to be grounded. This is the time of year to get calm, and manifest what you want in your life. This great period of manifesting only comes certain times of the year so use this time to your advantage and get what you want. Wear patchouli to help you connect with your body. Take this time to start or renew your yoga or meditation practice. You know that thing youve been meaning to do? Do it now. Today before the doyo energy sinks into fall. Its a very special time of year.