learning so much in a day

As of yesterday, I officially have four jobs. The first three you might have heard me talk about a million times, like Tyra announcing the fabulous "your still in the running for Americas Next Top Model" each week. Now on top of my yoga job, my job at BAM, my herbal pharmacy job, I am officially working for myself. I started renting space at Thai Spirit Health and Fitness in Gramercy and had a days full of clients. Very nervous to begin but as soon as I began to work, I realized this massage practice has no time for jitters. I learned so much form my clients yesterday and in turn my nerves turned to bliss. A few women I had not met before and their feedback was beyond exciting. All my clients had a positive experience with more than one saying my services were unique. That mixed with one clients review of my work as "mindful" couldnt make me any happier. Relief to know something I have been working for for so long is actually taking a tip from the Earth energy of the season and manifesting into something real. Now onto fall, with success as my autumn intention.