your perfect fall oil blend

any and all of these oils stand alone as a great fall oil,  but when mixed together they smell AMAZING and are great for the cooling weather too.  this is what im wearing,  and if you are interested,  you can be wearing it too.  all of these oils are relatively easy to find,  or as always,  i can make one for you.  this season im wearing jasmine, juniper berry,  and patchouli. a little smoky and a little sweet. but also balancing,  this blend is uplifting as much as it is grounding.  during the fall we need to start resting more and as well as not let the impending winter get us down.  as well as wearing this oil,  ive also been taking triphala and vitamin d supplements to compliment the season.  the triphala gives me a very gentle cleanse while the vitamin d supplements the lack of sunshine in the evenings.

Jasmine: The therapeutic value of jasmine oil is inseparable from the exquisite, comforting sweetness of its aroma and the effect it has on the mind and emotions.  Jasmine is considered one of the most effective essential oils for nervous anxiety, restlessness and depression.  It has Yang qualities and in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  that means it drives out cold and promotes warmth in the body.  It also releases inhibition and liberates the imagination.

Juniper Berry Oil: This oil is very effective in the fall.  Its well known for its lymphatic decongestant properties.  It is recommended for clearing toxins  and resolving toxemia and to release uric acid in the body. Helps with nervous and intellectual fatigue.The energetic qualities are warming and stimulating yang energy. Tonic to benefit tiredness,  poor circulation, lower backache and cold hands and feet.  It treats conditions of cold and damp conditions which are characterized by digestive problems and accumulation of toxins.  Its associated with purification and driving out negative influences

Patchouli: I know some folks arent the biggest fans of Patchouli,  but it adds a grounding subtleness into this blend and doesnt over power at all.  Patchouli oil nourishes the heart. Its most valuable therapeutic use is mainly energetic and psychological.  It is good for peeps who,  due to excessive mental activity and nervous strain feel out of touch or disconnected to their bodies.  The sweet and warming qualities also nourish Spleen Qi.  The deficiency here can be associated with fatigue and digestive problems.  Patchouli also has a harmonizing and stabilizing effect on the mind when over thinking and worry tend to effect ones self confidence. Its good for dreamers or people who place importance on their spiritual path but need more connection to their body and their lower chakras.  

Happy fall to everyone,  stay happy and grounded this season with oils and supplements.