conquering cold season

 everybodys feeling it.  its just that time of year.  the wind is blowing in,  the temperatures are dropping and the first colds of the year are popping up in your jobs,  your yoga studios and your homes.  i went home to Tennessee over the food holiday and luckily had some time to rest up and rejuvenate. But even still i started to feel a little tired and thought i might be coming down with something.  i woke up with a little sniffle,  a little scratch in my throat and what i noticed most was,  i was cold.  and im never cold.  my parents house is in the woods and its completely zen.  i stay on the bottom floor when im home which is heated by a wood burning stove.  when its on,  its so toasty and it smells good, but one night when the temperature dropped and the stove wasnt on was all it took for a little wind-cold to creep up under my skin.  so here are a few things you can do homeopathically that will keep your cold at bay and make you feel all better again.  i spent my afternoon indulging in these simple practices and felt better the same day.

TAKE A SUPPLEMENT: My super acupuncturist turned me on to an amazing herbal supplement.  Its called Gan Mao Ling and it can be found online or in your local Chinatown if you have a local Chinatown.  Its like the Airborne of the herbal world.  The mix of herbs and vitamins is a gem at finding whats trying to invade your body, and dispelling it before it can leave the outer layers of the body and invade your innards.  It only works when you first start to feel sick,  if your already sick,  it might be too late so get yourself some and if you start to feel a little sick take it for up to three times a day but up to three days only.  It has kept me from getting a cold many a time.

DRINK TEA: Sometimes I think that I should work for the Yogi Tea people, or at least they should be paying me, because Im always talking about their tea,  but the truth is,  there teas are the best.  They have a tea called "Cold Season" and it is just the thing to warm up the body.  It uses herbs based on Ayurveda to warm,  herbs like ginger, cardamon and clove to keep the chill off but it also has a hint of peppermint and eucalyptus.  These herbs are traditionally cooling,  but they soothe the respiratory system,  open up the lungs and prevent congestion and phlegm build up.  It also contains lemongrass which is a top herb for the lungs.

INHALE: Juniper Berry Oil is not only warming, its important for its detoxifying qualities.  It goes straight to your lymphatic system and dispels phlegm and dampness from your system.  Thats the kind of stuff you dont want curling up to ride out the winter in your body.  The more yuckies you can get out of the body before winter,  the less apt you are for allergies and spring time colds.

TAKE A BATH: My mother has a gorgeous bath tub and I was not missing a chance to take advantage of it, especially when a cold might be passing through.  I filled the bath with warm water and added a few drops each of oils that are natural immuno boosters.  Tea Tree oil always keeps my colds away.  Frankincense strengthens the kidneys and your essence, and Eucalyptus deters phlegm and congestion.

After my decoldification I felt like a new woman.  I was ready( physically) at least for my plane ride back to Brooklyn and let that cold go out with the bathwater.   Stay warm lovelies!!!!