cute xmas ideas

i love this time of year. but new york is an expensive place and Ive been looking for a way to save a little money too.  last year i made a lot of my gifts and gave out beautiful bath soaks, olive oil infusions and homemade holiday spirits.  but,  not wanting to be the girl who makes her gifts every year i decided to save money in a little different way.

wrapping has always been a big thing for me. i used to wrap all the presents in my family and set them up under the tree.  i love giving gifts and believe that the wrapping is just as much part of the gift as the gift itself so every year on top of finding a gift i like to find a nice personalized paper to add to it.  the container store is my favorite and they have exquisite designs but as the years go by, prices go up.   as the holiday approached last month my boyfriend walked into the living room with the New York Times and declared I should wrap all my presents in that and save myself some money.  "Thats a wonderful idea" I said and decided I would do just that.  But once started,  the presents all seemed a little drab under the tree.  I decided to personify them and brighten them up by using pictures as cards. Super simple, and cheap and makes each and every present different.  I printed the pictures off of my printer, cut them out and used a glue stick to attach them to my newspaper,  added a bow and thats it.  The one in the middle is  of Julie Andrews is for my friend Julie of course.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is for RJ,  he really wants to see the movie and Captain America is for my friend Nugget,  who loves her some comic books.  The possibilities are really endless and its fun to be creative around the holidays especially.  Happy holidays!!!!