burning it up on new years

this year for new years eve i did something i cant remember the last time i did.  i stayed home and rang it in by myself.  it was actually marvelous to tell you the truth.  i took a yoga class and was home by seven thirty.  i indulged in a glass or two of champagne with a friend and then setlled into a nice long bath. 

i opted for something simple.  a eucalyptus, juniper berry and frankincense bath made to clear out the body and the mind of negativity, phlegm and promote clarity and truth.  afterwards I  moxa'd having forgotten on the new moon and set some intentions for some physical improvements.  Most specifically to start a food sadhana which isnt so much a diet,  but a lifestyle.  I can eat whatever I want,  as long as it is prepared humanely,  organically and without fear or chemicals. I  journaled about what i wanted to manifest in my life this year, and kept a little bit of paper to write down the things i was ready to say good bye too. 

right before midnight i headed down to my street,  put the pieces of paper in a tin and burned them up as a symbol of moving forward in my life.  then,  in unusually warm weather,  walked into my park and saw some beautiful fireworks set off for a brooklyn party in the grand army plaza.   

my man got home not long after i walked back from the park and we toasted and kissed like a cute couple should,  and then i went off to bed relaxed and rejuvenated.  it was a far cry from my usual new years shenanigans but i already decided i would be happy doing it all over again next year.