wearing your truth.

originating in Australia,  eucalyptus has a laundry list of therapeutic actions including relief from insect bites, shingles and muscle aches and pains.  like peppermint,  it is especially effective for neck and shoulder pain.  it is best known however for its decongestant properties. it is a powerful lung tonic. inhaling eucalyptus significantly improves respiratory functions.  it is an exceptional remedy for clearing lung-phlegm and wind heat and it promotes deep breathing. It can be used as a steam,  in the shower or bathtub.  It can be burned in a diffuser or diluted and worn right on the chest.

Eucalyptus is known for opening the throat Chakra.  The fifth or Vishudda Chakra is the internal gateway between the  mind and the body.  The narrowest passage within the whole chakra system, the throat is literally a bottleneck for the passage of energy.  Anodea Judith explains this is an "...inner gateway where the unconscious becomes conscious.  If the throat is blocked, so is the upward movement of energy, which cannot pass into the conscious mind.  We have impulses without strategy, whim without will.  We cannot get to our higher self.  If instead we live up in our head with a throat chakra block,  then we cannot speak what we know.  We cannot translate knowledge into feeling or action,  and therefore cannot manifest."  Opening the throat chakra ultimately  helps you speak the truth and be creative.  The deepened breath brings clarity and allow personal truth to emerge.  Wearing it also promotes cleansing any place where there has been conflict or where negative energies are felt and is a fragrance of renewal and recommended for those seeking new horizons.

Massage can definitely help open the fifth chakra.  When the mind and body aren't congruent, there is a tendency for the head and body to become misaligned.  The head and neck move forward and build up muscle tension and stress in the neck,  shoulders and upper back.  Another way to strengthen it is to journal. Personal writing is a manifestation of truth and self expression.  Practicing a personal form of creativity is very helpful,  as long as isnt goal oriented,  and even better is to sing or chant to express yourself.

Over the weekend I attended a meditation workshop at the laughing lotus and it was very challenging.  I have been realizing that most of my meditation practice is based on movement or action whether it be listening to my breathe during massage or my yoga practice.  sitting still is very hard for me.  during a session we would recite mantras and chants to help quiet the mind and gain resonance and vibration.  the resonance felt in a group is a small fraction of the vibration making up the entire universe.  tuning in with that energy can help tune you into the rhythms of the entire planet.  when i was chanting i was instantly calm.  my mind did not have a chance to go to worrysome or negative places while i sang.  i just recited my mantra over and over,  and then i sat in silence.  once the silence set in,  my mind turned back on.  this was frustrating but an eyeopener into what i should pay More attention to in life.  at one point i started singing the chant to myself in my head and it seemed to clear again.  that seemed to bring me back to my breath.  i thought it only fare to share the chant and thankyou molly for the inspiration.   


om-ah-sah-toh-mah sahd gah-mah-yah
tah-mah-soh-mah jyoh-teer gah-mah-yah
mrit-yoh-mah ahm-ree-tahm gah-mah-yah
om shahn-tee shahn-tee shahn-tee-hee


lead us from unreality to reality
from darkness to light
from death to immortality
om peace, peace, peace

wearing eucalyptus is like wearing your truth.  opening the throat chakra can lift a veil.  a veil that has been closed by not only phlegm and stress,  but by excessive caution,  overthinking, habit, or fear. it will disperse the negative feelings.  eucalyptus can give us room to breathe from the inside out and open up the truth within.