5 things ive been learning while i havent been blogging.

its been a minute i know,  i have been running around in a million directions and have had so many things to say but just this minute im sitting down for it.  so without further ado..

1. Sleep is not overrated: I have been trying very hard to work on boundaries.  When to say yes,  when to say no and reminding myself that as a massage therapist I give away a lot of my energy and I need to make sure that I keep rejuvenating myself with sleep.  I feel like I have been slowly finding a good balance between myself and helping others.  The only time recently I had to really stop,  and apologetically cancel a few things was when I was desperately in need of a few more hours of sleep.  It makes me cranky and emotional and sometimes I dont even realize the reason I am so sensitive is because I am just tired.  Do not underestimate the power of a good nights sleep. 

2. Massage and Yoga are almost the same thing: Its amazing how much my yoga practice helps my massaging and how much massaging helps my yoga practice.  And one is a moving practice and one is more docile,  they both are most effective when you stay focused,  stay in the present moment and stay very attached to your breath.  And also its about finding more space in the body.  Both yoga and massage are practices that open up space in your physical body,  whether it be by stretching or by massaging a tight spot out.  That opening releases negative energy living in the body and makes room for new happy memories. 

3. Subtlety is where its at:  I have always been an all or nothing girl.  A big part of my life these days is finding balance,  but more than that realizing that grand gestures and such are romantic and important,  but subtlety is just as important.  When massaging,  grand gestures all day leave you with a sore back.  I have found that I can do the same amount of healing with small focused strokes than long penetrating ones.  Finding subtle spots to heal  in my clients helps me find subtlety in myself and in my work. It helps me tap into the energetic side of massaging. 

4. Always be grateful: As much of a rough start as this has been,  I have had no time to be ungrateful or negative.  I find amazing things and people everyday of my life.  People that are caring and willing ot help me on my journey and I am very grateful for that. 

5. Take time to breathe: I have been doing a 21 Meditation Challenge and following in the theme of subtleties I believe that taking 15 minutes a day to stop with the networking and the texting and emailing to do nothing keeps me sane.  Enough said.