essential oils that will squash your springtime allergies

Spring is officially here my friends so on top of getting a new haircut and a spring tune up from your acupuncturist,  there are other things you can do to kick the allergies that come with the beauty of the springtime season.  Ive whipped up some amazing oil blends that can keep the sniffles at bay. 

Sweet Orange, Roman Chamomile, and Clary Sage. this blend smells just like spring,  a combo of flowers, fresh fruit, and dirt. Wear on the inner wrist crease by the thumb or below the collar bone every day.
  • Sweet Orange calms the spirit. Its recommended for treatment of nervousness and insomnia and is relaxing. It also helps to circulate stagnant Qi,  especially when the accumulation is in the liver and stomach. 
  • Roman Chamomile is an amazing anti-inflammatory.  It can be used in a pinch for asthma attacks and opens up the throat and the solar plexus.  As well as  opening up the air pathways its amazing at promoting free flow of Qi while relaxing the nerves and relieving spasms.  
  • Clary Sage is known for its amazing ability to balance.  Its strengthening, yet relaxing and is a general tonic for mental and nervous fatigue.  It also nourishes the Heart, Liver and Kidneys and along with the Orange is a great combo for getting rid of any leftover sludge that needs to be expelled from this winter.  Especially in women,  Clary sage is reputed to strengthen Qi that is depleted, activate stagnant Qi and Blood and is an excellent antispasmodic. It can also uplift ones spirit without disconnections from the body.    

Stay away  from too much dairy and incorporate extra greens,  lemons and sour foods into your diet to make sure phlegm doesn't stuff you up.  You can steam in,  bathe in or simply inhale eucalyptus, chamomile or peppermint to open up acute congestion in the nose, throat and lungs.  

I made a blend of lemon, lavender and tea tree and mixed with water to spray over my bed, curtains and bathroom.  The decongestant properties of these oils help nourish the lungs when you breathe and they all are immuno-stimulants.  When your bodys immune system is strong its easier to fend off allergies.  Taking supplements of Vitamin C and D can also do wonders.