Oils and Pranayama for the Moon Phases

This morning I was up early and kind of thrust into the city,  as it happens and I could feel the full moon hangover in peoples energy.  The moons cycles control the cycles of the earth.  It effects the tides,  the seasons and crops and us of course.  Full moons bring out abundant energy and new moons continually give us an opportunity to start new.  But we live  in a society that is constantly altered by pollution, hormonal therapies, antibiotics and chemical alteration of the worlds food.  This shifts us away from true natural rhythms.  It  misaligns our energy and blocks the free flow of Qi.  This can cause hormonal, imbalances, menstrual problems and disease.  Keeping this energy strong and healthy is important especially for women,  because of their Shakti energy.

At the New Moon:

Moxabustion moves stagnation and warms the energy channels. Found at www.kamwo.com or really anywhere in Chinatown, Moxa is an herb called Mugwort most commonly found in a stick form and can be heated and placed over points on the body to revitalize Qi.  Spleen 6, a point found three finger widths above the inner ankle bone is effective for strengthening Shakti energy and,  if heat signs arent prominent in your body,  can be done on the new moon while setting an intention for the following cycle.

Pine Oil  is regarded as a tonic to the lungs,  the kidneys and the nervous system. Also Clary Sage is very balancing and a blood activator. They can be worn,  used in conjunction with the moxa by placing it on the point, or can be burned during the new moon to cleanse your space and move new energy in. 

At the Full Moon

Grounding yoga poses such as childs pose, standing forward bend or even just a simple squat can help balance out extra energy found around a full moon. 

Wear Jasmine,  or Rose with Orange to celebrate the moon in her fullest expression.  The yin/yang, feminine masculine energy is worn in the two oils or Jasmine,  as the most masculine of flowers to embrace the energy and wear it with grace and love. 

To create balance with the moon anytime:

Wear Lavender or Bergamot.  Both oils have the ability to aid the nervous system in a way which it is needed.  If you are tired,  it can help revitalize you while if your anxious or sad,  they can help relax.

Practice Alternate Nostril Breath and Meditation. There is a simple check up you can perform on yourself at anytime to see if you are balanced with the moons natural rhythm.  Inside all of us, as we are a macrocosm of the universe,  is a solar and lunar breath pattern.  In order to align your breath with these rhythms, take your left hand and place the thumb against your left nostril.  Place your pointer and ring finger against your third eye and place your ring finger lightly against your right nostril.  Breathe through both nostrils and out and hold the breath out and the nostrils closed with both fingers.  Let the thumb go and breathe into your left nostril only,  press the thumb back and retain the breath. Lift off the ring finger and breathe out the right nostril,  retain the breath out, and return back the way you came,  breathing back in through your right nostril and back out through the left. Repeat this practice for up to 15 minutes.   If you practice this in the morning,  the lunar breath,  or the left nostril should be stronger. If you sit down and find the breathe to be stronger in the right  side,  your Solar breath had been dominant through the night and your energy might be a little scattered that day.  Simply breath until you feel the energy shift so that the left side feels stronger and you feel more balanced.  The same thing can be done to check in at night.  The right nostril or Solar breath should be stronger after the day.  When you get home and are ready to relax for the evening check back in with your breath. 

These simple gestures and breath work and significantly change your rhythms and help you tap back into your natural energy.  Good luck today people, wear some jasmine, breath and try and avoid the crazy(or embrace it,  who knows.)