oils that cool

summer is in your face.  ive been trying to sit down to a blog for awhile but all these ideas get muddled in the heat.  when i sit down i collapse,  when im moving its either fast enough to feel the breeze of sludged enough to beat the heat.  ive also been massaging a lot and i can see summer is effecting everybody.  in the winter,  energy goes inside as Yin,  in the summer it rises up as Yang.  The insanity of a fast uprising heat forced everyones energy up and out the head, however lots of it got stuck in the neck.  The shoulders and necks of my clients have been very tight and very tense and I believe its the summers Yang stuck between earth, man and ether.  To combat the Yang and the tension building in your shoulders,  wear oils that cool.  The first one being the most important, especially if your shoulders are feeling the longest days of the year.  These oils can be worn alone, mixed into a blend or diluted in water and used as a cooling spritz to keep in your purse or beachbag. 

Peppermint cools.  And its the best oil youll find to ease the ache of the neck and shoulders specifically.  It also eases joint pain,  headaches and hangovers.  It cleanses and decongests the skin and is very refreshing. It also releieves stomach pains and is great for travel or seasickness on your mini vacays.

Lavender cools.  It is used to clear heat. resolve fevers and can cool an overheated liver.  It does all of that while stabilizing the heart, calming your spirit and relieving irritibility that may be caused from summer heat.
Its also beneficial on sunburns, inflammation of the skin and is also a natural insect repellent.

Sandalwood cools.  When applied to the skin its soothing, cooling and moisturizing.  It also has a relaxing effect on the nerves and can be used during hot,  agitated states that can lead to headaches, insomnia and nervous tension.  It also is reputed to quiet mental chatter and is a meditation aid.  Wear it to open up the third eye. 

Good luck out there,  its a scorcher.