Soothing Summer Body Mist

Last week I decided I needed some sun time.  Unfortunately I have at some point,  lived in the state of North Carolina and am a total beach snob.  Well actually the beaches are fine,  the water is another story.  I like my water warm, like really warm and sometimes the New England waves are too chilly and I end up a little roasted in the sand.  If and ever you find yourself in such a situation that there is no ocean or the park has no pond,  I have the perfect solution.  

I made some lavender water with a bit of peppermint.  Both are very cooling essential oils and kept it in the fridge the night before my beach trip,  one quick move to the cooler and I had instant beach relief.  The mist is easy to make, hundreds of percents natural and has tons of benefits for your hair,  your skin as well as the ever important mind body connection.  

Lavender  has a harmonizing effect on the nervous system.  It will act as a sedative in conditions of mental and emotional agitation and unrest, calming the mind, comforting feelings and alleviating fears,  while its uplifting and revives the spirits for someone feeling emotionally depleted.  It is  cooling and can clear heat especially in an overheated liver.  It also is notorious for healing burns, sunburn and sunstroke as well as beneficial for eczema, psoriasis, boils and acne.  Peppermint can be used to relieve any kind of skin irritation  or itching.  It is very clean and cooling,  prevents congestion and is amazing for headaches, neck tension and hangovers.  These oils have been my go to oils all summer and after I got a little too much sun,  this mist along with some trusty aloe leaves saved my skin from a nasty sunburn.  

How to make your own relaxing cooling mist.  

What you need:
Fresh lavender flowers
lil vodka
a ball jar
lavender oil
peppermint oil
spritzer bottle

I picked up some fresh lavender in the farmers market and brought them home.  I put the flowers in a quart sized ball jar but you can use as little or as big a bottle depending on how much mist you want.  Mix in some hot water and a splash of vodka.  The vodka will keep the mixture fresh longer.  Once the mix is cool,  put a top on the jar and let it sit in the sun for 7-14 days.  Come by and shake it when you remember.  Once ready,  strain out the flowers and compost and move the lavender water to a jar or bottle.  it can stay as is or extra water can be used as a dilution.  The great thing about things of this nature is its your creation and you can make the water as light or as dense as you want.  Once you have it just right,  pour it into a plastic spritzer bottle.  I keep a 2oz bottle in my purse at all times.  For about that amount of water,  I added about 15 drops of peppermint and 10 drops of lavender to enhance the natural smell of the flowers.  For any ratio the 3/2 applies.  Just add about 5 more drops of the peppermint to the lavender.  I keep the bottle of lavender water in my fridge and the mix too so its chilled when I want it.  When I went to the beach I kept it in the cooler so it stays really cold.  

You can spritz the mix in your hair,  the lavender banishes frizzies.  For the skin,  its amazing on sunburns and any sort of inflammation.  The peppermint in it will instantly cool the neck and shoulders.  It also works for nausea and headaches.  I just pull it out of my purse and spray all summer.  Its amazing for the beach or after a sweaty yoga class!! Enjoy, stay cool.