the good and evils of grapefruit

grapefruit i guess is better known as the fruit,  the thing women eat with cottage cheese when they diet in the 80s.  but lately i have found other dashing ways to use it and i am sharing them with you today.  as summer comes to a close youre probably thinking one of two things.  one,  wow that summer was super fun,  i should detox a little to counterbalance all the beer and hot dog fun.  or maybe your thinking,  finally a chill is in the air,  i can stop worrying about my bikini body and have a nice manhattan on the rocks to celebrate the impending warm drinks of the winter.  and wherever your at,  grapefruit should be at your side.

grapefruit oil has a very uplifting and reviving effect which makes it valuable for treating stress, depression and nervous exhaustion.  so if your one of those people whose happiness leaves with the long lazy days of summer wearing grapefruit oil, especially in the morning shower can boost your mood. its also cooling, cleansing and decongesting.  If the long humid days have left you feeling a little sluggish inside,  this oil is beneficial for dispelling any dampness from the weather or a build up of summer time overindulgence.  It stimulates the lymphatic system and is an amazing detoxant.  It can also relieve an overheated liver which synptons can include constipation nausea and general irritability.  Grapefruit oil can also be worn when food cravings arise.  This is the time of year when we need to start harvesting the things needed in the body for winter and getting rid of anything we dont need. Drop a few drops of grapefruit oil with distilled water in a spritz bottle and use when a craving arises. 

on the other hand,  if your loving the cool weather,  your craving your sweaters and the idea of a nice warm cocktail is on the horizon i found the perfect place to go.  this cocktail will take you there but the insanely yummy menu will keep you going back all winter.  amor y amorgo is in the east village,  its in between first avenue and avenue a and ive had the pleasure of frequenting it a few times.  its a bitters bar.  theres no shots or beers,  they have vermouth on tap,  i know ew,  but they know cocktails. its really small so get there early, sit down at the bar and order a tequila with grapefruit bitters.  it is the most divine thing you will ever drink. but after that peruse the menu and figure out what drinks youll be sipping all winter.  mine is a whiskey with a teaspoon of cranberry  and chocolate mole bitters.  it warms the soul.  and if you dont happen to live near the greater new york area,  no worries.  bitters are becoming more and more main stream and you can find your favorite flavor on the internet and make some at home.  bitters are great for indegestion and i swear vodka with a little blood orange bitters with lemon saved my friend from a killer cold one weekend.