tomorrow is the equinox

tomorrow the light and dark are the same.  summer is officially over and the autumn begins. autumn marks the beginning of the harvest and gathering what we need and disposing of excesses and preparing for the winter ahead. its also a very busy time.  the long lazy beach days are over and its time to get back to business.  everyone has a new project, school starts again.  the holidays are coming.   the days will grown shorter and the temperature will grow colder.  in Ayurveda,  the fall is also Vata season,  the season of wind.  so its important,  when running around to make sure the wind doesn't invade our bodies and make us sick.

in Traditional Chinese Medicine the organs associated with fall are the lungs and the large intestine,  the lung is the first organ exposed to air as we breathe while the large intestine is the last as we eliminate.  keeping these two in tip top condition should be your concern this fall. some peole choose to detox in the fall to eliminate things harbored in dampness in the body over the summer so that only things truly needed are in the body through the stillness of winter.  but also important is nourishing the lungs and keeping the wind out of your body.  once wind invades you ll feel the chills,  sport a runny nose and even feel aches in the muscles.
there is a layer of energy on the surface of the body,  its al protective energy force keeping the wind and other revil external influences out of your body.  this level is called the Wei Qi level and in Western terms,  its our immune defenses.  When we are tired or don't take care of ourselves the Wei Qi is weakened, same as taking vitamins to boost immunity there are oils you can wear to protect yourself.

I made a sweet little spritz of Lemon balm infused with Rosemary, Tea Tree and Lavender to wear when you feel worn down or like your about to get sick.  The Lemon balm turns this into a powerhouse but these oils can be used with any water(including lavender) and spritzed on yourself,  in a bath,  in your bed or all around your house to keep the sniffles at bay.

Lemon balm is a little herb that has big antiviral qualities.  It is also an amazing  bug repellent. A bunch soaked in hot water with a splash of vodka and put in the sun for a few weeks, voila. Lemonbalm tonic. Just drain and dilute to desired strength.  Keep the jar in the fridge.  To this lovely tonic add equal parts of rosemary and tea tree, and half that amount of lavender oil.

Rosemary nourishes the lungs and is the best oil I know for supporting your Wei Qi.  It keeps it strong while promoting circulation of the blood and the Qi itself.  It is also known as a psychic protector(Frankincense is another).  Wearing rosemary first thing in the morning before exposing yourself to all these outside influences can keep your body and your mind sharp.  Rosemary is also associated with clear thought and clarity.  It can be great to wear while studying.

Tea Tree is a very powerful immunostimulant, so when the body is threatened by any infection, tea tree increases its ability to respond.  So its very effective of dispersing oncoming wind cold invasions.

Lavender affects the nervous system on an amazing level.  It will act as a sedative in conditions of mental and emotional agitation and unrest,  calming the mind, comforting feelings and alleviating fears,  while its uplifting and revives the spirits for someone feeling emotionally depleted and depressed.  It helps us when we need it,  but will also let us know when we need to slow down.  It also nourishes the heart and the lungs.

Put together this a powerful little spritzer.  It will keep you going strong this fall without getting that cold thats going around. I am also not embarassed to say that I spritzed my cat a few times with it.  She needed something that smelled good on her.