Cooking on my Day off...

Wow.  here i am.  fall is my favorite time of year,  but this time its been a little overwhelming.  i went home for a minute,  surprised my mother for her 60th birthday go mom,  got the creepy crud everyone in new york is infested with and have managed to keep my four jobs or so going strong and still feel very blessed for all of it.  however i have felt,  and tell me if you haven't,  a crazy amount of energy in the air and it has made even simple things like blogging feel quite daunting.  Every time Ive even thought about sitting down to write i have become quite overwhelmed by what the content should be.  i just thought i needed to touch base with everything.  the season,  the food,  the Vata,  Saturn, Metal energy,  the cold,  everything!! Because of that i haven't seemed to get any blogging,  or sitting for that matter done at all.  Just running(and coughing) and falling down exhausted and running again.

Even though i went home for 4 days,  i didn't so much feel like a vacation because i was planning a huge party in my own house without my mom knowing it so by the time the soiree was over i was on my way back to new york and back to work.  Yesterday it seems was the first time in I can remember that I truly had a day off.  So what I did,  and what made me the most relaxed and happy was stay inside and cook all day.  I cooked a nice breakfast,  a protein packed lunch and a homemade dinner all vegetarian.

My fridge was packed with vegetables.  My neighbor gave me tons of them: peppers,  onions,  potatoes, beans and the most carrots I have ever seen.  I'm still carrot brainstorming.  Most days when I cook,  I'm still a little wound up.  Scouring internet food blogger websites and cookbooks for the ultimate version of whatever is in my fridge.  Its like I don't trust myself as a cook and I have to abide by someone elses recipe for my food to be acceptable.  Its probably a deeper intellectual subject than whats for dinner and Ive realized that I have to step away from researching and organizing all my food preparation and just have faith that my food will be fine if I just give myself a little extra freedom and go for it.  That being said,  I tried to think out of the box and make a crazy freedom filled breakfast,  and what I came up with is,  well if you know me, not such a surprise ,  I'm a weird one.  Ladies and gentleman: EGG CUPCAKES.

They kind of stand for everything that I'm missing this season.  They are fun,  there simple and there not as hard as i thought.  I used to be able to sit down and blog about what I had for dinner last night and now it seems to have become all about me explaining my whole self,  the universe and the wind all in one setting.  I will not do that today.  I will talk about egg cupcakes.  Did I make them on the fly?  YES Did I find a recipe that I followed? NO Were they freaking delicious? Hell Yeah.  To make:

6 eggs beaten
salt and pepper
1/2 cup arugula chopped
1/2 cup sun dried tomato chopped
1/2 yellow onion chopped
1/4 cup feta cheese

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.  I did this with the intention of making an egg scramble,  but wouldn't this be a lovely frittata I thought to myself.  Hmmm wheres my frittata bowl,  did I ever have one, etc.  Looking for said bowl I came across my cupcake tin and decided to make mini frittatas because Im a genius.  No cooking spray,  no problem,  I pulled out my cupcake liners left over from last years killer carbomb cupcakes and put them in.  6 eggs makes about 6 cupcakes so you can change the recipe to make however many you want.  Having a brunch,  egg cupcakes,  don't wanna wash a pan,  egg cupcakes,  wanna make yourself feel like a badass chef in a few minutes tops,  egg cupcakes.
Set the oven to 375 and bake for about 15 minutes.  A little more or a little less depending on how runny you like your eggs.  Thats more freedom for ya,  enjoy.