bath scrub with patchouli and pine

the super moon made me very sensitive.  my body was tight and my mind was gooey.  luckily i work in a bathhouse sometimes and even supermoon couldn't make me forget my swimsuit that day.  i started soaking and i could feel everything that was built up in me peeling off slowly.  it was very relaxing,  but the tension wasn't the only thing peeling.  and i know this time of year you really need to moisturize,   but i needed to exfoliate too. my skin was peeling off.   after soaking for a while it became so distracting that i headed upstairs to the showers to find some salt scrub.  i had seen it up there but was dismayed to find we were out.  30 minutes later I'm standing in rickys looking at a wall of jars filled with salt and sugar scrubs.  it only took me about 5 minutes to realize i wasn't paying 40 bucks for something i could make at home.  so i fled back to brooklyn to deal with my skin.

once home i whipped up a lovely scrub which not only dealt with my crazy skin,  it smelled delicious,  calmed me down and smells just like the holidays.  this one would be great for you,  or perfection in a jar for a inexpensive holiday here ya go.

1 cup sea salt
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
12 drops of pine oil
8 drops of patchouli

This was enough for 2 baths worth of exfoliating and could be made in any fraction for your needs.  just make sure that there is a 2/1 salt oil ratio and throw it in the fridge if you have extra.  kosher salt also works and coconut or any light oil works just as well.

And where can I begin on the smell.
Pine oil has a stimulating effect on the circulation and may be used in a liniment to relieve the pain of arthritis and muscular aches from physical exertion.  Regarded as a lung and  kidney tonic, it relieves nervous exhaustion  and gives adrenal support. Pine oil on its own can be used topically on the low back for lumbar pain and fatigue.  It  clears cold phlegm from the lungs and is good for sinus and bronchial congestion. It  tonifys Qi and is warming and dry. As it opens the chest, it instills positivity, and restores self confidence while  dispersing melancholy.

And then the patchouli,  I dont care I love it.  It works so well with the pine, the woodiness of the pine and the sweetness of the patchouli warm you from the inside out.  Its best known for skin care because it regenerates and cools the tissues of the muscles. And what I really love,  is that brings us back when we feel out of touch with our bodies.  If you feel fatigued with nervous exhaustion from spleen Qi deficiency,  waiting patchouli will transform you into someone sensual and creative.  It grounds and stabilizes the mind when overthinking and worry develop.  The two smells together made me realize it is actually going to be winter soon and this is what i want to smell like.

After the shower I felt amazing, calm,  soft and smooth skin with no supermoon sensitivity.  Enjoy.