A Wreath of Franklins

its here folks,  after years and years of whining about wanting to make it,  i finally did.  i got the idea from a book given to me in like 2004.  It has  all these different inspirations for a different kind of Xmas.  Ideas like how to make your tree embody Judy Garland and how to make your dinner party look like a 50's trailer park complete with weiner cocktail trees and jello fruitcake molds.   But more importantly it had a picture of "a wreath of Franklins."  All you really need to make it is a little get up and go,  in detail speak that means a craft store and some Internet.

From Internet:
fake hundred dollar bills
foam wreath ring

From craft store:
crafting pins,  the littlest ones ever
construction paper
glue stick
ghetto bow

also you'll need a scanner printer

Once all your supplies are got,  start your assembly.  First take the box that your wreath ring came in and cut out a circle just the size of the ring so that it can be attached to the back.  Recycle the rest of the box.
Next,  get back on the Internet and find your favorite picture of the Queen of Soul in google images.  Once found,  print it out and gaze lovingly.  Your gonna wanna either put some R&B or some Christmas music on at this point.  Ok,  so grab your construction paper and glue a nice piece cut out the same size as the box circle.  Afterwards cut out a cute ass little Santa hat for Aretha and glue them on too.  Set that aside to dry.
Take out your mini pins and start to attach the fake Benjamins to the Styrofoam wreath.  Attach them to the inner ring at the bottom so you cover all the foam.  Then keep adding them staggering a little bit each time till its to your liking.  Add the bow and then use the same mini pins to attach the picture to the foam.
I used thumb tacks and string to attach it to my wall.  It was super easy.  Have a super souled up Holiday!!!