I just realized that after writing a blog about the oils i used in my first massage workshop,   I never actually mentioned it.  So, I thought Id at least check in  as an after thought to let you know.   In a nutshell, my  teaching partner and I decided that in lieu of a handout detailing the sequence,  we would focus on the  power of touch.  The skin is the first layer of the nervous system and a touch can alert or relax it.  When massaging,  you can feel your partners energy,  breathe together and connect on a deeper level.  Thai Massage is also sometimes called Lazy Man's Yoga and its a wonderful way to release energy that might be stagnant in your muscles and also to stretch and gain extra flexibility.  .  You keep your clothes on,  its done primarily on the floor and aside from the oils I spoke of,  it can be done without the aid of lubricants.  Well, I just loved it.  Everyone was so happy and relaxed.  I was very nervous about teaching which stumped me because I'm not really shy about speaking to crowds.  I would dare to say I'm a hog to people looking me. I was a massive performer in a past life and I'm a Scorpio.  were usually pretty look at me.  I guess id just never taught before. When i had a piano recital the music would speak for itself.  If i was singing there was always the melody but this was more raw,  very personal and intimate.  I wondered if i could relate in that way.  But it was lovely.  We set up in the middle of the room to introduce ourselves and begin and the couples(all 16 of them!) were in a circle all around us. Being in the center of all the energy brought about by love rushed away any self doubt or fear i had been cultivating on my couch that afternoon and it was an easy flow. Thai work always begins at the feet.  Its a nice way to ground your energy and relax you.  Then we began an easy foot massage,  I gave out samples of my second chakra oils to use so that everyone could feel relaxed, open and creative.  The sequence moved up the legs into the hips and then we turned over onto our tummys and did some work on the hamstrings and the back.  We ended with a small neck massage where we passed around the fourth chakra oils to open up the chest  and  connect through all the chakras in the heart. And then afterwards we gave them chocolate.  Whats better than that?