valentines day oils

Im cohosting a workshop on couples massage in a few weeks in honor of Valentines Day.  Its the first time Ive ever workshopped anything and Im a little nervous to say the least.  3hour workshop teaching couples/friends/cats to give each other Thai Massage and a little aromatherapy mixed in on the side and thats where I come in and I guess thats where you come in cause Im here talking to you.

Love should be celebrated everyday but,  I still think Valentine's are adorable.  I mean like the kind you got in school from all your classmates.  I am seriously thinking bout going to get some for all my friends this year.  Anyhoo,  the workshop. Ive decided to blend a few oils together to help the newbie massage therapists get in the mood.  And without further ado....its valentines day massage blend time.

My first blend is catered to the second chakra. The second chakra lives deep in the hips.  It is the source of our sexuality but also our creativity.  It is associated with water and has a deep flow to it.  If the energy in the second chakra becomes stagnant or stuck, fear or insecurity can drive us away from our own sensuality and creative sides.  Jasmine and patchouli nourish us through those times and remind us that we are beautiful.  

Jasmine:  Releases tension and restlessness. Warming, restorative and decongestive.  Jasmine supports and reassures us.  It releases inhibition and liberates the imagination.  

Patchouli: Strengthens Prana when stress has left you fatigued.  Harmonizing, grounding and warming. Stabilizes the mind when overworry and overthinking leave you disconnected from your body.   It is a great anti inflammatory and is good for the skin.  

The fourth chakra is essentially the heart.  Oils that nourish it quell anxiety,  when the heart is fluttered and you can feel it through your sweater,  that sort of thing.  It also encourages acceptance.  Accepting and loving yourself so you can love and accept others.  When quenched with these amazing oils,  lavender especially it brings the upper and lower chakras together in a space of peace.

Bergamot:  A member of the citrus family, its cooling and refreshing.  Disperses Prana from the heart when its caused nervous tension.  Quieting and balancing,  it helps you process pent up emotions that might cause mood swings and insomnia.  

Lavender: Is wonderful for the skin because it cools burns and soothes headaches.  Its famous for calming any strong emotion that overwhelm the mind and the heart.  Helps renew energy when you are stuck in habitual behavior.  Its also great for the lungs and combats colds and asthma.   

A small diluted amount of these oils can be placed anywhere on the body and inhaled.  2nd Chakra oils are best used on the feet, ankles and low belly.  Heart Chakra oils are best worn on the inner wrist by the pinky or the breastbone.  A few drops can also be put in a bath,  a steam to be inhaled or mixed with water and diffused into the air.  Use them also,  of course to massage into sore muscles or calm the mind.  Any questions can be answered by emailing me at