Winter Cleansing Oil

Are you with me,  the spring is teasing you?  The sun comes out for a minute before the cold wind hits you. Are you are contemplating wearing your not so huge winter jacket right before you ask yourself  "shit, is it snowing outside?" I feel like I am a little stagnant from the weather,  I feel it mentally and physically but unfortunately the spring isn't quite here and that smoothie cleanse could still potentially wreck your system.  i want a mini cleanse,  something to start readying my body for spring without confusing it into thinking its summer and i should be cooling off and getting rid of my inner winter harvest.  Ive been working on a cleansing oil that is more of a winter time cleanse.  it still has warming properties so it wont be pouring too much additional cold onto  your neck and it still is a large supporter of the adrenal system,  which works the hardest in the winter.  Another lovely factor,  is there is juniper in it,  which banishes negative energy,  the kind that seems to rear its head in the middle of a cold unforgiving season.  I guess its safe to say you could use this blend any time of the year,  but i think you should start wearing it today. This blend nourishes the lungs, strengthens digestion while detoxing the liver,  and dispels fear.  You might be a little taxed(no pun intended) this time of year.  Your lungs are a little cold,  your liver a little dirty from all those warm me up whiskeys and the prospect of this new year or anything else might have left you frazzled and tired.  Wear this blend to make it all go away and wait for spring.

Eucalyptus first and foremost helps you find your truth,  if it seems to be wrapped up in all those sweaters and scarves without a voice,  this oil will help you find it.  It does that by strengthening the throat chakra and also clearing out the lungs.  Wintertime is a time to eat more heartier foods.  Those food might be pastas or sweets,  foods that are higher in dairy and sugars.  Those kinds of foods produce phlegm and it gets caught right around the lungs and esophagus .  When you feel like you constantly have to clear your throat,  you might have some dampness in your lungs.  Eucalyptus is the best oil for clearing that all away.  By itself,  I keep a bottle in the shower and use it with hot water to break some of that built up dampness free.  Its antiviral and antibacterial properties make it useful to ease many lung based ailments like laryngitis,  bronchitis and even the common cold.  It also helps the Wei Qi in our systems,  or the outer most band of energy that serves as our immune system.  Penetrating and cleansing,  it dispels the half conscious stagnated feelings that keep us bound to a limiting environment.  It disperses negative feelings associated with such situations like excessive caution,  habits and fear and gives us "room to breathe."

Its not a secret that juniper berry is my favorite oil.  Its so powerful and transforming. It has a warming and invigorating effect that not only decongests the diuretic and lymphatic system,  combats chronic tiredness,  cold hands and feet and lower back pain.  Gabriel Mojay says this and I love it. " Juniper works to break through psychological stagnation and consolidate will power.  It is suited to the individual who,  feeling burdened and aloof, is deeply absorbed in pressures,  and unpleasant memories. Feeling unsupported and misunderstood by others,  such people tend to withdraw,  and lose their social confidence.  The gloomy disinterested outlook that develops can gradually become deeply embedded,  producing contraction and rigidity of the spirit that may become manifested in the body as stiff and painful joints." I mean, this is a powerful oil and that is a wonderful example of how important the mind body connection is. Juniper oil helps us to purge us of the worry and self absorption that is rooted in fear of failure.  It restores faith and determination to conquer life's obstacles and move on,  replacing stasis with openness.

Few blogs back I geeked out all over Frankincense so I guess its only natural that it plays a part in this blog too.  It is still winter folks.  Your kidneys are like the pilot light to our warmth and vitality so keeping them as comfortable as possible in the winter is key.  Frankincense is a major Kidney tonic as well as a major player in calming the nervous system which can lead to adrenal duress. Its also ideal for meditation and deep breathing,  a must for long winters.  Together this blend is a wonderful tonic for an anytime cleanse,  gentle enough to be used any time of the year,  but effective enough to chase away winter blues until springs comes up. You want some? Contact me at   Ps.  next weekend is daylight savings.