Finding Mantras on the Q Train

I'm participating in the latest 21 day meditation challenge provided by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey.  For 21 days you listen to a 15 minute ish long mediation to try and integrate meditation into daily life.  21 days is how long its supposed to take for your physical body to make or break a habit.  Ive tried to be very diligent about doing it everyday because I, and this is just me,  feel that if I can't find a way to not take even 15 minutes to myself then I should shuffle around my day.  So far,  were 16 days in and Ive only managed to miss one day.  Once last week I actually listened to one during my commute into the city.  I cross the Manhattan Bridge and that picture is actually one of the things I get to see everyday.  Usually my commute is very calming to me,  its like a 30 minute buffer between my apartment and the outside world.  Around 9am is a great time to commute.  Not too crowded and everybody still kind of quiet.  However,  in an attempt to catch up yesterday I naively tried to meditate on the train on a Sunday afternoon.  With my headphones all the way up I could still hear the tourists loving the view of downtown Manhattan and the Statue out the southside of the train.  They were excited,  being loud, enjoying being a part of it all.  It didn't bother me so much and I continued to repeat my mantra.  This day is was:

om varuman namah
my life is in harmony with cosmic law

I believe in that and I kept concentrating on that idea.  Around Canal street,  the street performers came onto the train.  Groups of young boys patrol the trains breakdancing,  doing handstands  and arm balances and using the train itself as a dance floor.  There routines are sharp and fun,  and really loud.  They almost always have a ghettoblaster and shout into the crowd to get tourist riled up.  I see them most everyday and hadn't realized how distracting they were until this Sunday afternoon train ride.  The boys were screaming and the tourists were laughing and egging them on. Hip-Hop blared through the train and a kid was doing  backflips right in front of me.  I could feel his sneakers against my shins but I kept my eyes closed and kept repeating my mantra.  And then I realized that I wasn't repeating my mantra,  I was repeating something else.  

What you seek is seeking you

Its a quote by Rumi and I love it.  I love it so much that I put it on my business card.  I loved the idea of it being on them as far as marketing but it had never come to me as a mantra before.  Ever.  I had no idea why I was even saying it.  I think in the wake of all the tourists and breakdancing I had lost "om varuman namah" and picked up what I believe is my mantra.  It had been there all along and I hadn't even noticed.  Throughout the last few years I have had so much gratitude in my life because everything that I have been working for has happened.  All the goals that I have set for myself are all steadily, slowly working out.  I believe in the power of positive thinking and surrounding yourself with people who are like minded and inspiring and that has made all the difference I think. And looking back at it,  it means the same thing as the one I had been saying through the challenge. It  Keeps with the theme Ive been working with all year of just going with the flow and letting the universe take care of you. Believe its looking out for you and if your trying to put yourself in balance with it its trying to do the same thing   It was surreal.