The New Moon and Clary Sage Oil

Last Monday morning I woke up exhausted.  But it was the new moon so i tried to accept that.  The new moon is the best day of the month to move the least.  The moon represents the universe at its most Yin and Yang expressions.  The new moon represents new beginnings,  new intentions and cultivation.
Your diet should be simpler and easier to digest.  Veggies and such.  As the moon grows brighter and bigger its expression as well as yours should expand.  The full moon is a time for dancing, living more, eating more,  loving more and moving more.  Its the moon in its most Yang expression.  You should do yoga and make love and drink and eat that cookie,  but the darkness of the new moon is a whole nother story.

So Monday I woke up exhausted,  most likely from full mooning over the impending new moon and as much as I wanted to stay in bed,  I had promised some friends I would help them move from Greenpoint to Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn.  Moving sounds like everything that you shouldn't be doing during the new moon.  When researching the only yoga that I saw at all was strictly pranayama exercises and meditation.  But a friends gotta do what a friends gotta do.  Fortunately I was the car watcher.

When you move in New York City you always need a car watcher,  that is someone to sit in your car while you run in and about so some weirdo doesn't come steal your shit.  So it actually turned out perfect.  My job for the day was to sit.  To sit in my friend Sharon's borrowed  car and protect various guitars and forget me nots.  I read or reread I should say my vampire novel,  waved at dogs being walked and generally had some time to nourish my Yin side.  It was actually the most perfect thing to do.  If I had stayed at home I would have inevitably started running around trying to find something to do.  Ashamed that I had a day off,  continuing to go against my universal nature.

Why is it so easy for us to fall out of rhythm with the universe? Ive noticed it the most in my moon cycle.  I tend to have it over the full moon,  which douses me with a double dose of crazy that I don't want or need.  Eating, moving and breathing with the moon can break your habits and move your cycle back in line with the natural order.  You can naturally cleanse and renew with the new moon and culminate all your energy with the full one.  Practicing meditation, pranayama such as alternate nostril breath and eating light on the days leading upto and on the new moon will help your body naturally fall back into the cycle of nature.

Of course Ive got an oil for you.  I might dare call it a New Moon Oil.  Clary sage is well known for its ability to balance.  It is strengthening yet relaxing-while it is a general tonic indicated for mental and nervous fatigue,  the oil is,  on the other hand, effective for calming the mind and easing tension.  Its an important woman's remedy.  All phases of a woman's life stand to benefit from clary sage including your cycle,  childbirth and menopause.  Wearing it can strengthen women's energy, the Yin energy and moving back in rhythm with the universe.  Clary Sage strengthens Qi that is depleted and relaxes and improves the flow of Qi.  This means its a general tonic as well as an excellent antispasmodic. Great for the nerves and for a nasty bout of cramps.  Wear clary sage on PC6,  an acupuncture point known for alleviating stress and nausea located two finger widths up the wrist on the inside can help alleviate any lady troubles you might have.  You can also rub it directly on your belly or the most yin or all things,  take a nice hot bath in it.