This mornings practice This mornings meditation.

Ive been readying for spring.  changing up my yoga style,  making new oil blends and yesterday i made  a super green pesto over fettucine with asparagus for dinner.  I was practicing this morning and my cat, per her usual self was swimming around my yoga mat like a shark.  Usually shes fine but this morning she was a little distracting.  Ive been watching her lately and her habits have changed.  Shes been drinking more water and eating more food.  After my practice i sat down to meditate and she came over and sat on me.  I had been telling her to remind me to brush her and at that moment I realized that was the moment.  I grabbed her and her brush and we sat on the couch.  Instead of listening to my daily meditation I just started to breathe and to brush her.  She was so happy.  I thought maybe shes been drinking so much cause she is shedding so much and I guess hair in your mouth makes you thirsty. It never occurred to me her habits were changing same as mine and it was just a natural progression for the season.   So I gave her a long long brush and she was so happy. She shed off so much winter fur and was just so gracious and happy. She nuzzled me and licked and bit.  And I just brushed.  Afterwards I felt like that was my meditation.  I felt so calm and connected and clear.  Just watching myself brush my cat.  She needed her tune up too.  Shes shedding her winter layers like me and she neeeded a little help like we all do, especially during seasonal transitions.