Calming Toner for Spring

Spring time can have its hangups,  allergies are a crime to some people.  Knock on wood I don't need to reach out for some Claritin yet but I can feel the spring in my skin.  If your just tuning in my skin is super sensitive.  I wear no jewelry, tight clothing even socks leave a mark and almost any product I put on it.  Ive changed my diet and make half my own products to combat my sensitive skin and have just made a product perfect for spring.

Its warmer so I wanted to make a toner but I also wanted something suited for the inflammation and heat bubbling up in my epidermis. I started with witch hazel,  an old school astringent found anywhere but I softened it up with some flower waters that I made in the sun.  To make a flower water find your flowers. I chose rose petals and chamomile flowers and mixed them with boiling distilled water and a little vodka before setting them in the sun for about a month,  shaking every few days to freshen it up.

Once drained, mix them with some witch hazel and add some Neroli oil to balance it out.  Rosewater restores the skin,  it is a natural moisturizer and,  like chamomile is a great anti inflammatory.  Chamomile flowers are amazing for sensitive skin because they reduce redness and are great for alleviating dry,  itchy skin.  Neroli Oil has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It has an ability to stimulate the growth of healthy new cells and is associated with purity. Its one of my favorite oils,  the flower smell is divine. It can also be a little expensive and can  be substituted with rose,  chamomile,  or lavender oils.

To make:

2 tbsp witch hazel
2 tbsp chamomile water
4 tbsp rose water
10 drops of neroli oil

My calming toner is softening and hydrating.  While its used for redness and inflammation,  its also cooling and and moistens the skin while clearing heat as well as alleviating anxiety and depression. You can make your own or hop on over to my brand new Etsy page (yay!) which opened today and buy one.