Yoga as a Constant

I went to California a few weeks ago to visit my best friends.  California is very different from New York,  I don't know if anybody knows that(kidding!) but aside from all the sunshine and greenness,  I had a constant that kept me in sync with my New York roots.  I did lots of yoga.  My friend Cassie is a yoga teacher and I was fortunate enough to attend two of her classes.  I have been going to the same yoga studio in New York for years.  I love it and cant imagine trying to reimmerse myself in any other community.  Its like my church and going back there makes me very happy.  But on a trip you have an opportunity to experience new things and yoga is no different.  Cassie teaches at the YMCA in Beverly Hills so my first experience was there.  And let me tell you,  the Y looked like West Beverly High,  it looked like the places you would have to pay a million dollars a month to get into in NY and we just walked right in. The architecture was beautiful and the light was all natural.  I had a fabulous time and it was wonderful changing up my routine and letting my body do something different while keeping the same shapes as a constant.

The next morning,  I attended my first prenatal yoga class at Liberation Yoga.  I was a little dehydrated we shall say so I was happy I would be experiencing again something different but relaxing with some baby mommas.  Another constant in yoga is removing the ego but I must say I was a little out of sorts watching these mommas go for it,  while my less that 100 percent self laid myself out on a bolster in the back catching my breath.  They were very inspiring and I hope I still have the energy to practice whenever Ive got a big ol belly.  Plus,  this studio was even more amazing than the last.  We practiced outside in a garden full with creeping vines and little fountains.  So cute,  and I needed the fresh air.  

A short trip later and I was in San Francisco with my beloved Audra who showed me all the sights there was to see.  She lives in the Castro so it was a short walk to Laughing Lotus,  the sister studio to mine in New York.  We walked in and it smelled exactly the same,  the tea was the same and the cookies OMG but it was the first time Id ever been there.  I even got a chance to practice with one of my old favorite teachers who had recently relocated to the Sunshine state.  It was different,  but still it was a constant.  Finally, on the last day before I made the trek back to the east coast we attended a yoga class inside a Grace Cathedral downtown in SanFran,  there were 300 people there and we practiced on top of a meditation labyrinth which are near and dear to my heart.  It was such amazing energy.  There were musicians playing along and I even saw a priest put down a mat and practice with us.  I hadn't ever experienced hat before but the practice itself was still a constant.

This morning I woke up in the Catskills.  A little mini trip away with my love for his birthday.  I woke up and took my mat onto a porch by the pool and practiced next to the mountains.  I felt grounded,  grateful and happy.  As we experience new things in life,  scary or exciting Im just thrilled that I always have a constant to keep me grounded wherever I might be.  Yoga is that constant and it can be done anywhere with anyone or no one and it still calms and centers you.  Ive been taking my yoga mat everywhere.  This trip is supposed to be a tech cleanse.  Ive been locked to my phone lately,  but I don't judge myself sitting here in the mountains on my computer.  Blogging is the new age journal I guess,  or journaling for people who insist on never keeping anything to themselves so Ill take it.