Rose Oil

Im going home next week and my mother has been saving all the rose petals from her rose bushes for me.  I make a rosewater and the best kind is always made in the late summer.  Roses  have very powerful restorative properties that everyone could use.  The summer is the ultimate time to wear rose oil,  apart from it being very romantic,  its cooling and moist.  Although the weather would make you beg to differ its moist enough,  summer heat can be very dehydrating especially to the skin.  Wearing rose oil or rosewater is recommended for clearing heat and inflammation.  Inflammation gets worse when we are hot.  Sun burns and even food we eat can cause an extra bout of inflammation to the joints or even upset the heart.  Rose oil alleviates anxiety and depression when the heart becomes unsettled.  The compassion of rose is revealed in its ability to heal emotional wounds.  It promotes nurturing and self love and nourishes the heart chakra.  So,  this summer whether you need to cool off,  find love or mend a broken heart wear rose oil.  The best ways are in a bath,  maybe add a few petals, on the wrist by the pinky or on the breast bone itself right over the heart.  Check out my Rosewater and 4th Chakra Oils at Etsy!!!!