Four Ways to Kick the Cold You're Getting

Last week was a little windy. It was sunny for the day but at night it got a little chilly.  I was running around like a maniac like always but then i started to feel it.  Three nights in a row I got almost enough sleep.  My excitement of the chillier weather had left my whiskey to water ratio a little skewed and I felt a tickle in the back of my throat.  So I started taking Chinese Herbal Supplements,  more about that later but I still felt the battle.  I literally could feel a battle taking place inside my body specifically in my Wei Qi Level,  the battle between the heat that fends off most of my illnesses and the wind cold that had found its way in.  So lets back up.  Whats yer "Wei Qi Level" and whats a wind cold? Well let me tell you.

If our body is like an onion and you peel back layer after layer till you meet the middle like the Earth's core,  your Wei Qi is the crust of the earth or the paper of the onion or the most superficial of all the layers weve got.  Its the first place that external imbalances that attack the body(ie cold, heat, wind) faces.  Its almost like a big ol moat around the castle that is our body.  The Wei Qi level is directly correlated with the skin and the lungs and if your lungs are compromised and your Wei Qi level is down,  its easier for you to catch colds.  Support your Wei Qi,  and support your lungs.  If your Wei Qi level is battling something,  you can feel it.  I felt it, i could feel little chills running up and down my spine,  I felt dizzy and a little weak and also,  i could feel it through my pulse. Acupuncturists use pulse diagnosis everyday as part of their practice but its an art and one Im not the best at,  but I do know this.  If you press your fingers to your wrist and the pulse surges up to meet your fingertips,  that is your pulse is superficial itself,  the Wei Qi is battling an outside influence and its trying to push it out. That means "wind" which comes from the chilliness in the air is having a battle in your Wei Qi level like Wrestle Mania on a Monday night and before you feel like you need to chomp on some DayQuil which,  if your me turns me into a zombie, you can do any and all of these things to holistically heal yourself.

Lack of sleep and rest will run you down. That compromises your immune system making it harder to fend off infections and nasties.  Just make sure your window is closed or wind will catch you while you sleep.  "Wind" as far as Traditional Chinese Medicine goes is what it says.  Its getting colder and a little windier outside and if you leave your self unprotected,  without a scarf during the day or windows open at night,  that wind can acutely breeze into your body,  primarily through the back of your neck and bring with it cold that throws off your bosy chemistry and gives you those sniffles and coughs.  Sleeping is the time that your body rejuvenates itself and without it you put yourself at risk mentally and physically.  Mental fatigue can inhibit your immune system just like physical fatigue so get your rest.

On top of wearing that scarf I was taking Gan Mao Ling 2 times a day.  Gan Mao Ling is similiar to Echinacea.   It boosts the immune system and keeps wind out of the sinuses and lungs.  Most importantly,  this herb should be taken at the first signs of a cold. Once the body has lost the battle with the wind and youve got a cold,  these supplements are not effective.   Check out more about these supplements here: I also wore my own protection blend of essential oils every morning.  Rosemary and Tea Tree are both natural immunoboosters as well as providing extra energy and focus that might be needed if your feeling run down.  I also added Lemon oil which is a natural decongestant and anitviral.  Check it out on my Etsy page here: Protection.

Your skin is your third lung ya know.  Wind can blast the moisture out of it so staying hydrated is super important when you want to detox nasty toxins brought in your system with wind.  Whenever I start to get sick I chug water and chug some more water.  While youre at it add some ginger and garlic to your diet or your tea.  They promote heat and can help the Wei Qi dispel all the coldness.

Acupuncture is an amazing way to boost your immune system.  Go to your acupuncturist and ask for a seasonal tune up. If you study Ayurveda or practice yoga you might feel a little spacey from what is called Vata or Wind season.  If your trying to stay grounded try some restorative yoga. Twists are natural detoxers. Yoga stimulates the breath and the lungs and poses as simple as legs up the wall or a bridge with a block under the sacrum will boost the immune system.  Legs up the wall rejuvenates the body by stimulating the lymphatic system and restorative bridge relaxes the body while stimulating a point on the back that stimulates Lung Qi.

Fall is my favorite time of year and I was freaking out thinking during the first beautiful days i would be stuck feeling yuck.  But I kicked that cold to the curb and managed to celebrate my favorite month in tip top shape.  Happy October.