Chasing Fleeting Moments

I went to a Yin Yoga and meditation intensive over the weekend.  The host was a woman named Sarah Powers and she travels the world speaking on behalf of Insight Yoga, a named she coined that integrates Yogic Buddhist and Taoist practices into a form of yoga and meditation.  She was amazing.  There was more talk than movement and she was mesmerizing.  Friday night we talked about the Kidney meridians in the body and how truly replenishing your energy comes from conscious stillness and mind training.  She said something that spoke to me about balance.  I feel like I am constantly trying to put myself into it.  Balancing work and play,  hot and cold,  yin and yang aspects of myself as a microcosm of society and the earth itself.  She said that balance was a fluid concept,  and that there isn't a set ideal so if your trying to find it like a place on a map it wont be found.

My thing is that even when I'm still,  I'm not really still.  Even when I'm "happy" I'm rarely content.  I'm one of those people that is always looking for one more thing.  One more ride,  one more day,  one more something.  People like me take a lot to be satisfied.  One of the biggest lessons I'm trying to teach myself  which is a concept I believe in but need to really saturate in.  Everything that you need is buried inside you. I know these things,  I just have to convince my brain to accept these beliefs.  So she talked a lot about that in the form of training your mind.  A wonderful example was about walking into a room and turning on the lights.  Once they re on,  that should be enough but sometimes,  and she says this is a child like tendency,  you keep flipping the lights on and off looking for something new to illuminate in the room.

I guess its all about being in the moment.  Truly being gracious for the things that are happening to you right then instead of looking forward to something or rethinking something that has already happened.  Because those things are out of your control,  and the only thing that you can control is the moment that you're in right now.  And about control,  even trying to reign in a fleeting moment can leave you in a dark place.  Like this fleeting moment is a untrained horse and your hands on the bridle but soon your left in the mud and that "fleeting" moment is running off into the wind.  Better to watch it,  to see its beauty and smell the air and love it.

I had a lot more to say about that weekend,  but the moment has passed.  I forgot to finish this a few weeks ago after the workshop and it seems like going against what I'm trying to say to try and put myself back where I was when I started.  It was beautiful,  I learned some things about myself and about nature. So Ill leave you with this,  something I know as a constant.  My oils never lie.  If you are looking to put yourself back into the moment this is an oil you should wear:

Clary Sage will calm you when you are plagued by restless distraction.  It eases a a chattering mind and aids in contemplation and meditation.  It reinforces keeping in the present moment. When worry causes us to lose our felt instinct or true purpose in life we can feel melancholy or despondent.  Clary sage feeds intuition and inspiration and brings you back to where you need to be.  It helps cut ties to the past,  especially when those ties block personal growth. I wear this oil at every new moon and seasonal changes to remind myself that there are always new beginnings.

Want some?