Ground: Take a moment to reconnect to the Earth.

I guess its our nature to go against it. The center of Buddhist and Taoist philosophy states that there has to be light and dark,  good and evil and here we are in the center of it trying to find a balance inside ourselves when all our wild childs wanna do is the latter.  The holiday season is a perfect example.  The winter Solstice is the darkest shortest coldest time of the year.  If we were bears we would be hibernating, but of course were not.  Were running around in the cold,  consuming.  Were rushing to buy things we can't afford,  were rushing to get to that Xmas party,  were traveling and indulging and drinking and eating tons of sweets and definitely most definitely not relaxing.  This can bring a lot of joy to people and bringing joy to others brings a lot of joy to me,  however going against all the universal signs of internal contemplation and rest can make you fell plenty ungrounded.

I wanted to make a holiday blend that wasn't so holiday.  A blend that anyone could relate to regardless of their religious preferences around this time and i thought since everyone is feeling the hustle an bustle I would make a nice grounding blend. Its a mix of Cinnamon, Patchouli and Pine.  Its warming and just smells like this time of the year.

Cinnamon is a bark.  It stimulates circulation,  generates warmth and supports the immune system.  Its also great for the digestive system and relieves pain.  The pine clears spaces.  If burned or spritzed,  it can clear spaces emotionally and physically that can be devoted for meditation and prayer.  It also instills positivity and restores self confidence, replacing undue guilt with forgiveness and self acceptance.  Its warming,  drying and tonifies Qi.  Its one of the best oils I know for clearing cold phlegm and is recommended for bronchial congestion and coughing.  I also wear it on my low back for pain in that area.  And last but not least,  Patchouli.  
I know some folks aren’t the biggest fans of Patchouli,  but it adds a grounding subtleness into this blend and doesn’t over power at all.  Patchouli oil nourishes the heart. Its most valuable therapeutic use is mainly energetic and psychological.  It is good for peeps who,  due to excessive mental activity and nervous strain feel out of touch or disconnected to their bodies.  The sweet and warming qualities also nourish Spleen Qi.  The deficiency here can be associated with fatigue and digestive problems.  Patchouli also has a harmonizing and stabilizing effect on the mind when over thinking and worry tend to effect ones self confidence. Its good for dreamers or people who place importance on their spiritual path but need more connection to their body and their lower chakras. I like to take a bath in this blend, or my spritz I put it on my scarf before I go outside into the cold.

This blend smells divine and is a perfect gift for loved ones. Check it out on my etsy: