my downstairs neighbors

the people that live below me are amazing.  i think they are the best new york neighbors i could have.  they are musicians.  they play chamber music.  they own a piano and a cello and a violin and guitar.  and they can play.  they really can. i remember when they first moved in a little whisp of a girl with brown hair knocked on my door and asked if it would bother me if they rehearsed downstairs from time to time.  and me being me and loving it all and used to  play a few instruments myself said not at all.

the first time i heard them play i was a little alarmed,  it was loud and beautiful and right under my feet. but i loved it.  sometimes,  like now ill just come home and not put on any music or the television and just listen to them,  right now they're listening to an opera and talking about it and making something amazing in the oven because my apartment smells like browned butter.  thank you so much.  neighbors,  you're the shit.