the brain thinks its running the show

I was inspired by someone to write something a little but more raw and honest.  I went back through my journal and found an entry that ill share unedited.  it came after I thought I was done being a bear and went bounding back into the city.  I never give myself enough time.  or my brain doesn't.  my brain is always trying to convince my body to do something it doesn't want to do and this is what my journal entry ended up being about.  As soon as I started going around to fast again,  I got a crazy winter cold and this is how I felt. 

" its not over yet.  my poor stupid brain.  becoming run run run down my body is aching.  something deep in my chest is raw and rumbling.  my belly aches in rumbles.  my back and hip ache deep.  my head is straining and my breath pronounced like its keeping up.  the last thing to notice is my poor little brain.  winding around a path to true self discovery is amazing.  all this time im thinking my brain teaches me the life to lead connecting to the body.  but instead, the body is telling me whats good and whats bad.  and sure,  my bodys always done that,  everyone knows that.  what do we think hangovers and bellyaches are? however leading a conscious life defines and focuses all these instincts.  the Chakra system starts from the bottom up.  It begins deep down in the bottom of the body,  the root.  the energy beams up through it to the sex ego the heart truth and clarity before it ever connects to the brain.  that's why worry and anxiety seem so powerful,  because the brain thinks its running the show but its not.  and all that worry and anxiousness is not.  when your stuck in your head you arent really connecting to the importance of whats right in front of you.  grounding down into your root connects you with the moment.  this moment really is the only thing that matters considering the past and future are either unchangeable things in the past or in front of us,  predestines or not, unknown.  me myself personally tend to knock myself down before getting back up again and parading back into town.  still battling extremes but happy to announce a positive and confident buzz of impending self acceptance, improvement and awareness.  but its only just occurs to me how much smarter my body is that me.  so.  getting a cold and having deep unknown aches is my body declaring more bear. "

ground down and more bear,  thanks all!!