Oils You Should Be Wearing for Spring: Restore

verb: restore; 3rd person present: restores; past tense: restored; past participle:restored; gerund or present participle: restoring
  1. 1.
    bring back (a previous right, practice, custom, or situation); reinstate.
    "the government restored confidence in the housing market"
    synonyms:reinstate, bring back, reinstitutereimposereinstall, reestablish More
    • return (someone or something) to a former condition, place, or position.
      "the effort to restore him to office isn't working"
    • repair or renovate (a building, work of art, vehicle, etc.) so as to return it to its original condition.
      "the building has been lovingly restored"
    • give (something previously stolen, taken away, or lost) back to the original owner or recipient.
      "the government will restore land and property to those who lost it through confiscation"
      synonyms:return, give back, hand back More

I'm in love with this definition.  To "bring back", "return" , "repair" or to "give." I just made a new blend for spring that does just that and I'm really proud of it.  This winter has been very hard on us.  The neck and shoulders are tight as we've battled the outside cold.  Our muscles feel the wind.  A winter that seems to never end can leave us depressed,  hopeless or frustrated.  This blend can lift us up out of those feelings,  and deliver us into spring.  

Restore oil is a blend of Sandalwood and Spruce Oil.  At first,  you might think that Spruce is more of a winter oil and it can be but it also works with us coming into spring.  The oil nourishes the lungs and can aid in problems stemming from asthma and allergies.  It also nourishes the kidneys,  a nod and thank you to the adrenals for working over time all winter. But lastly,  it recommended for muscular aches and pains as well as poor circulation.  

Spring time is the time of year to unthaw from the frozen winter.  To get out of our hibernating bear state and reach our heads high to the sun.  To take what we have learned by digging deep into our psyches this winter and grow into a better version of ourselves.  Chinese Medicine look to the liver and gall bladder to cleanse out the toxins stored during a slower stagnant time.  To aid the bodies natural cleansing tactics we need to move.  The muscles are front and center this time of year and spruce nourishes that movement by nourishing the muscles.  We are restoring our body to a spring time state.  

Sandalwood is cooling,  even though it stokes the Kundalini Fire. It activates all the chakras and stimulates energy up the spine.  Keep the spine long and grow,  that's the energy we are channeling.  It brings internal energy to a focused point but in doing that it stills the mind.  And when the mind is still it comes back into the body and can be fully present.

Caroline Myss in an amazing book "Anatomy of the Spirit" explains:

"We are simultaneously matter and spirit.  In order to understand ourselves and be healthy in both body and spirit,  we have to understand how matter and spirit interact,  what draws the spirit or life force out of our bodies, and how we can retrieve our spirits from the false gods of fear,  anger and attachments to the past.  What drains your spirit drains your body.  What fuels your spirit fuels your body.  The power that fuels our bodies, our minds and our heart does not originate in our DNA.  Rather,  it has roots in Divinity itself.  The truth is as simple and eternal as that."

With that in mind, Sandalwood stops the mind from whirling and brings us back int the present moment so we can reconnect to our body,  restoring the body and mind.  

I wear this oil on the back of my head at the cradle of my skull. GB20 is a point that hides in the hollow between the tuberosity of the occipital bone and the back of the head.  Energetically this point has to do with over thinking,  it stops the thoughts and clears the brain to release the over attachment to thoughts and bring us back into the present moment.  It brings clarity and vision and clears the channel running down the spine.  Together these oils are very powerful on that point.  I also mix with lotion or body butter and put on sore muscles at might before bed.  The blend brings on a great sense of calm and helps me sleep too.   

Make your own Restore Oil, or buy a bottle HERE.