Book Club and Kidney Spirits

I joined a book club.  Well I kind of joined a book club.  I'm attempting to book club.   I'm reading a book that Ive loved forever with a  bunch of amazing women and its creative and perfect for spring and I like it. I think its crazy I've never been in a book club before and its exciting.  I think I need more things like book clubs in my life.  Even though next meeting I will be en route to see my lover in Oregon, I'm still reading ahead. Last week we talked about some amazing stuff and I wanted to expound on our chat before I left.  Were reading "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss and it is one of the most fascinating books Ive ever read.  Caroline is an acclaimed medical intuitive and her work shows how every illness cores pods to a pattern of emotional and psychological stresses,  beliefs, and attitudes that have influenced corresponding areas of the human body.  The book examples the "seven stages of power and healing" as the compass to healing yourself. She reveals the power centers through three ancient spiritual traditions-the Hindu Chakras, the Christina Sacraments, and the Kaballah's Tree of life-to demonstrate the seven stages through which everyone must pass in the search for higher consciousness and spiritual maturity.

So we started talking where you start,  in the beginning, at the 1st Chakra.  Or maybe its easier to relate to Baptism,  when we "receive or bestow an expression of grace representing gratitude for ones life in the physical world" or Shekhinah the  "energy of the mystical community of Israel-symbolic of the mystical community of humanity." Any way you look at it,  I believe its all the same energy.  We eventually started talking about something I use in my healing pocket with is Chinese Medicine.  While its roots are very similar to Ayurvedic and Chakra healing,  it has a different philosophy and structure.  So we eventually started talking Taoism and then eventually to a 4th counterpart of this energy,  the Jing.

The Jing energy lives in the kidneys and rules overall vitality and its strength determines the lifespan of every individual.  It carries the body's inherited characteristics, including our genetic and karmic blueprints, and also governs physical and sexual development.  Like a battery cell, the Jing stores potential, which is converted throughout our lives into energy.  The energy is only given once during conception from the parents and once it is used up so is your vitality. Its almost like out back up generator.  Its there if we need it,  but shouldn't be counted on to get us through every day.  New Yorkers are prone to adrenal fatigue.  Its the kind of tiredness that happens over continual going and going without a substantial break.  The kind when you sit on your couch when you get home at the end of the day before you take your shoes or coat off take a power nap.  Its also the kind you lose just a little but of whenever you reach a sexual climax. It can not be recreated but to have  a long and healthy life and here are a few practices that can help preserve it.

Eat Healthy: Whole foods that are easy to digest support the Kidneys as it filters impurities ingested in the body.  The more chemicals that are put into the body the harder the kidneys have to work. The harder the kidneys work, the weaker the Jing becomes.
Stretch your Body: Obstructions of energy whether a physical or emotional one causes the organs to work harder to remove them.  Exercising keeps the bodies Qi or Prana moving and eases the muscles and the kidneys themselves.
Meditate: Stretching keep obstructions out of your joints, and mediation does the same for the mind.  Having even a small mediation or Pranayama practice keeps blocks out of the brain.  An agitated mind can get stuck pushing at the same idea over and over without a solution. Meditation brings the clarity that is needed to steady the mind and relax the soul. Faith restores the kidneys, fear ruins them.
Hydrate: The Kidneys are ruled by Water Energy which is the essential medium of your body. Its the fluid of life and is important in functions of circulation and nourishment throughout the body. Kidney also rule the bones and the marrow and the teeth so eat Omega Oil and keep your teeth clean.

Why would I tell you to never have sex again,  or eat a hot dog or drink a beer.  I'm not,  I'm just saying that the mind body connection is strong and moderation is wicked important.  And also,  join a book club,  its fun.