Purify Oil: Purge your Worry, Revive and Detoxify.

Chinese Medicine explains that Spring is ruled by Wood Energy.  That coupled with the massive energy surging through your life from the year of the Wood Horse galloping ahead means this spring will be a doozy.  When wood energy is imbalanced anger or frustration can appear.  In some classic Chinese texts anger is represented by strength without and appropriate channel.

Often anger can arise when our sense of self worth has been compromised.  Wood energy supports the ego and the third chakra.  If we feel we haven't been respected properly wood rears up and declares itself.  Sometimes that can be expressed through shouting to stomping around or other forms of passive aggression.  Have you been feeling it? Frustration over the never ending winter,  something you want to go your way that doesn't?

Rigidity and type A personality controlling can be felt in the muscles.  Wood energy rules the muscles and spring is a time we should be moving our bodies.  Unbalanced energy here can cause muscle tension,  rib and shoulder pain and aches in the outer hips and neck.

Wood energy honors the importance of strength, but also flexibility.  This is seen in nature as water flowing around rocks in a river,  plants bending to the sun and trees blowing in the wind.  The roots keep the tree grounded but without a bendy demeanor the branches become brittle and break.  This energy is mirrored in our bodies.  Rooting down energy from a seed and growing through our spines and ourselves.

The liver and gall bladder are the organs ruled by Wood energy.  The liver absorbs what cant be digested by the body. This could be things we ingest or emotions we ingest.  It also regulates the blood.  When its overburdened it collects residues of caffeine, alcohol chemicals, fatty foods as well as stress.  The liver's  role becomes compromised causing high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalances,  anger and  addiction.  So we wanna keep the liver running nice and smooth.  In the spring we  the sludgy winter we need to kick start it into action,  nourishing it by detoxing the body to help it run more efficiently.  This spring I have the perfect oil blend to help nourish the liver, quell those feelings of frustration and anger and cleanse out the residual winter. 

Juniper Berry Oil is well known for its lymphatic decongestant properties.  It is recommended for clears toxins. However Juniper also breaks through psychological stagnation and consolidates will power.  It helps when you feel burdened and aloof,  deeply absorbed in your own thoughts. especially thoughts that revolve around worry,  pressures and unpleasant memories.  When feelings make you feel stuck in the past,  you can feel unsupported or misunderstood and withdraw into yourself and lose social confidence.  Gradually this energy becomes embedded in the body itself and manifests as  stiff and painful joints.  Juniper gives you the energy to purge the worry rooted in fear or failure and restores determination to overcome life's obstacles.  

Carrotseed Oil strengthens the inner vision. Imbalances of the gall bladder can come forth as indecision.     Carrotseed promotes focus. Seeds are good to wear during spring because of the rebirth we are all experiencing after the winter.   Carrotseed also regenerates the liver cells and is regarded for its diuretic properties.

Grapefruit and other citrus oils help the body break down fats. They are blood purifiers which aid in rheumatic pain and joint discomfort. Grapefruit stimulates the lymphatic system and is indicated for cellulite, obesity and water retention. it has an uplifting and reviving effect which makes it valuable for treating stress, depression and nervous exhaustion. Its cooling, cleansing and decongesting and is beneficial also for an overheated liver and sluggish digestion. These symptoms can include abdominal distension, irritability, nausea and constipation. grapefruit oil is wonderful for people who are tense and who under pressure tend to resort to comfort eating as a means of dealing with difficult situations. It stimulates self esteem and self worth. Gabriel Mojay says “such people have high expectations- of life,  of others and of themselves.  Whenever reality fails to match up to their goals and desires,  or they feel let down by others,  they tend to react with anger blame and self criticism.  Such feelings are often followed by guilt and depression and an urge to pacify and comfort hidden vulnerable part of themselves,  the criticized, ot shamed inner child.  over indulging in food and  alcohol,  especially sweets,  chocolate and biscuits, is the most common result of their need for comfort.” Chocolate and biscuits folks.

This oil is amazing to wear on the third eye, I also highly recommend mixing it with Epsom salt and making it into a shower scrub to exfoliate. Its also amazing to add to a full sea salt bath. Shake off winter, purge your worry and detoxify kids!!

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